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home go well today yes from 310 welcome back intoanother case have you gone per second Kbps perSweden the first one people were in up morebecause I got so many things from Ikea first thing we have Rd Skokie now theyall have babies with some paperback not very filling pick thechocolate can if the hazelnut filling all huh and we honor the addiction with Nutella it's a struggle for real my should crack okay killing openly holder to and tele pavement crack went will you not only get she added hearing and hearing your ok want silly girl little great demand open open I'll be here's a cookie right therepursue it again when he upon chocolate in the cookie on topManila and you can feel it opening in there hazelnut home feeling oh my gone pad with not just like youtell could me mom games non-italian these clothes haven'tdeliciously will not waver in them not just me actually their ninthcombination of the cookie and hazelnut spread so I'm going to give this guy worrymaybe I think UT he have been around I'll never had onebut I feel ease around why you places cell I was excitedspeaker package and give them a try sends milkchocolate with Frankie home in carol singers okay then field down to do list okay a littleone okay old really super clean boo not Niamey so just chocolate exterior I don't know all my eyes chocolatethere's nothing out there right now them really really nice has a really nice flavor in thechocolate excellent I'm gonna give this guy really will bein now we have a home computer and the 13 are limini ginger and go I love to dance be have linen now on him still a bit oh my gosh kid now ever Flickr oh my god Icelander are I love these cookies gender and here so amazing so I'mexcited Chinese madeleine hoping I don't knowI'm non %um very very very light women but only do and you just overpowers id I'm keith Lemon I all just genuine believe you're so pretty good kenyansalone like don't touch the original recipe years so delicious but these should havehigher a little bit women plane remember I'm peaceful now I'mleaving the gym overpowered alright guys on Canadianthese poor million to read I'm gonna haha stronghere give it a try I'm never heardelderflower never heard elderflower keys sup cool take flight grandma spur even did not only not overwhelmingperfume can flavor but that my first impression iswhich is to be shot Grandmaster p.


I know what the heckolder flower is you guys drink this in your love it letme know please so I'm gonna give this guy cutie net I am is the biggest thing ever seen in my whole live that's alittle dramatic play you understand here renny for wait for it what Helen what ended Lee John cracker like you byIngrid how the hell do you eat look at thatwork what when I saw that I was like is here withme it play like a dinner he platter Piquionne I don't like it one bit Peter on how itfeels like it like multiple been Sheetal Chris threat why the happiest gigantic this for like John family week beating an orphanage playingI don't get why have to be somebody please explain and it belittled left-field scared a hole in the middle limit mmm guy I'm money terminal one renewed homework what there's four total work late why I don't know what to do with it it lookslike a legal like pita bread just cut chung are pacpolitical nope it were it well now you're key pieces 310 wouldn't wait until being somebody tell me okay it feel like a giant crack after itfeels like just like can take crime I'm sure you want to spur implying flap cream cheese on thismatter I'm sure you guys doing something else so somebody please help me how the hell for telecom mom they had this crazy Jane cracker yeah 10 okay sup being given by if no workers me once again member last week he's decided shit tastelike cardboard you gonna market mom giant Asian giant we cracker have a verynice kinda posted kinda hopes only got him me all these so I'm gonna give this guywho were million alright guys running all happencapers we did I hope that you have enjoyedanother paid you have hit the like button so I knowthat you are enjoying the fact that video you guys know leaky he described below share with yourfriends then you so much for watching W in the calmest tell me what country tothe neck RTN it's free minded.

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