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This is me.

I promised myself to make this awesome African Peanut Soup today, which I could make in just 25 minutes, but instead I just bought these cup noodles.

s**t Where are my cup noodles? Text on paper: "How about you make this peanut soup you were talking about you lazy bum?!" "Best regards, Maverick from Top Gun" Alright, here are the ingredients.

First prepare about a 150g or a small cup of brown rice.

For this amount you have toadd about 2 cups of water.

Add a pinch of salt and then then lid on top and bring it to a boil.

Let it simmer on low heat until it'sdone.

This should take about 25 minutes.

Now get another pot and prepare the broth.

Heat it up so that its slightly simmering.

Next, take more or less half a courgette and dice it up.

As simple as that.

You can actually use any veggie you want for the soup.

I'm sure broccoli or bell peppers would also go perfectlyfine with it.

I added a small carrot here.

I peeled it and then diced it up as well.

If you buy organic, I don't think it's necessary to peel thecarrots otherwise probably yes.

Up next the onion.

And guess what? Dice it up as well.

And then we are ready.

Let's just go over to the pot and chuck all the veggies in there.

Now it's time for a garlic clove.

I love this little grater here.

It just makes it so fast.

And then if you have also a little bitof ginger.

I'd say about half a centimeter.

Also add a small handful of peanuts now.

They are really great in the soup! But of course better than just peanuts.

is peanut butter.

Add three or four tablespoons to the soup.

If you notice that it is a little runny later on, just add another tablespoon of peanut butter.

And that should thicken it up.

Next, add about three tablespoons of tomato paste.

That will not only give the soup a really nice reddish color, but also will add a lot of flavor to it.

Now it's time for some soy sauce.

But be careful with it! because if you already used salty broth and you also used quite salty peanut butter, you might just want to skip it.

Andlast but not least, a few drops of hot sauce.

Just to give it a spicy taste.

Next, stir a little, so that the peanut butter can melt properly and then lid on top and let it simmer until the brown rice is done.

It should also be enough time for the soup to be ready.

Ok, quickly give it a taste.

Just to see, if everything is fine and then the soup is ready to serve.

Now if that doesn't look beautiful thenI don't know what does.

Definitely worth the time.

Only 25 minutes, it's really yummy, reallytasty.

And much better than cup noodles.

Talkingabout cup noodles.

I found them! You cheeky ba****d If you like the video give us a thumbsup.

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And then see you nextone.

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