Super Easy and Delicious Halloween Snack DIY Ideas!

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Hey, guys! It's Jaidyn.

And this week's themeon SevenPerfectAngels is Halloween.

Today, I have super-easy,fun, delicious, and festive DIYs that arefood, which I love food.

So these are all super great.

I am going to be makingpumpkins, monsters, mummies, ghosts, and evenFrankenstein himself.

So let's get startedwith the DIYs.

The first snack that I'm goingto be teaching you guys today are some spooky ghosts.

The things that you will needare some bananas, something dark to decorate thebananas with– I'm using some black icinggel, but you can even use chocolate chips ifyou wanted– and something to cut the bananas with.

The first step forthese spooky ghosts is that to peel these bananas.

And then you're going tohave to cut them in half, so that way you'llhave six ghosts.

[MUSIC PLAYING] And, just like that, weare already halfway done with this yummy snack.

Next, I'm going to makethe eyes and the mouth for the ghosts on the bananas.

[MUSIC PLAYING] And voila! This is the finished product.

And they are so cute! It was that easy.

And they're super cute andfestive, and I love them.

This second DIY isalso super easy.

It only requires twoingredients and two steps, just like the last one.

You're going to need some smalloranges and some cut-up celery.

And we are going to makesome cute little pumpkins.

I'm just going to start bygetting my oranges all peeled.

[MUSIC PLAYING] And our final step isjust to stick the celery in the top of our oranges.

And it is that easy.

I think it's so cuteand super festive.

And it is so easy.

Honestly, all you have to do ispeel it and put the celery in.

So just like that,they are done! Look how cute theyare, little pumpkins! Our third Halloween snackare some monsters! [GROWLS] What you're going toneed for this one are some doughnuts of your choice,some fake fang teeth that you can just buy at aHalloween store, and some chocolate candies.

I'm using two glazed donutsand two chocolate donuts to make the monsterslook different.

Our first step isjust to take the fangs and put it inside the holeof the middle of the donut just to make it the mouth.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Now that we have ourmouths on our donuts, we are going to beattaching the eyes.

I am going to be usingsome icing gel to make sure the eyes stay secure.

But this is totally optional,and you don't have to do it.

I'm just going togo take a color.

And I'm going to putsome icing on the back.

And then just put it onthe donut above the mouth.

And that's actually it.

These are all super easyand festive and cute.

[MUSIC PLAYING] These are the finished products.

And I think theyturned out so cute.

And they look really delicious.

And I also think, if you'rehaving these at a party, this would be asuper-creative way to give out teethas a party favor.

Our fourth Halloween snackare some hot dog mummies.

For this, you'reobviously going to be needing some hotdogs, some dough, and some mustard for the eyes.

Our first step is toroll out our dough.

And I'm going to becutting it in strips so I can wrap the hot dogs in it.

You may want a parent tohelp you with this step because you willbe using a knife.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Now that I have thedough cut into strips, I am going wrap thehot dogs in the dough and then just put themon the baking sheet and cook them accordingto the dough directions.

[MUSIC PLAYING] The fun part about these isthat you can wrap them however you want.

And you can kind ofbe creative about it.

But these are mine.

And I'm going to gopop them in the oven.

I took the mummies out of theoven, and I let them cool.

Now, for our laststep, I am going to be putting somemustard on as the eyes.

If you don't likemustard, you can use any condiment of your choice.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Here is the finished product.

This final DIY isone of my favorites.

And it is Frankensteinguacamole.

You are going to needsome guacamole– which you can makeyourself, or you can get store bought like Idid– some black tortilla chips, some sour cream,and some black olives.

You're going to needsome chopped and just some that are sliced.

Our first step is just tospread out our guacamole onto a plate or a platter.

While spreading itout, keep in mind that Frankenstein has moreof a square-shaped head.

So you're going to want to dothat with your guacamole also.

[MUSIC PLAYING] This is how I spread mine out.

And notice that Ikept this area blank because that is where I'm goingto put his hair, or the chips.

Speaking of hair, let'sdo that step next.

I'm going to take theblack tortilla chips.

And I'm going toline them up up here.

But something youwant to keep in mind is that you want thepoints to be at the top because he has more spiky hair.

I'm just going toline these up up here.

[MUSIC PLAYING] I think that will begood enough for his hair.

And this is what it looks like.

Next, I'm going totake some sour cream and squirt circlesonto the guacamole.

And you want to make thesebig enough so that you can put an olive in it.

[MUSIC PLAYING] As I mentioned, I'm going totake these two sliced black olives and stick them right inthe middle of the sour cream.

Also notice that Ikept this area blank because I'm going todraw like a little scar there with the chopped-up blackolives as well as a mouth.

I'm going to take anothersliced black olive and use this as a nose.

And now, like I said,I am going to be using the chopped olives fora scar and a jagged mouth that kind of goes in this shape.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Onto the scar.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Is this not the cutestguacamole you've ever seen? I think it turned outso cute and so festive.

And I definitely lookforward to eating this soon.

Here are five finishedHalloween DIY snacks.

I love the way they turned out.

And I think you guysshould all try them.

Thank you guys for watching.

And for a chance of a shout outin my next week's video, just comment down below yourfavorite DIY snack that I made.

I'll see you guys next week! Bye! [BLOWING KISS] [GIGGLE] [MUSIC PLAYING] I'm obsessed withthese little pumpkins.


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