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hi everyone I'm Chi your Filipinafoodie from Sunnydaysrecipes Sunnydaysrecipes is a food blog cooking Asian foodrecipes that bring you closer to home if you lovegoing to asian restrooms to try out orienntalflavors of asian recipes this blog will take your cravings in thecomforts of your home the recipes I cook are easy toprepare and cooked in 30 minutes They're spicy, savory and very simple tomake trust me the next time you gather in adinner table your loved ones will pat you on the back for yummy homecooked asian recipes.

I love to eat and cook funny thing back in college I wasa lazy rot in the kitchen lazy and careless that I set ourkitchen on fire I was too frightened to go backto the kitchen after that Luckily, I landed in a social media job in2012 some mysterious passion began to blossom and I discovered how cooking can be so much fun I'm a super fan if successsful Foodies food bloggers online.

There was never a day I remember that I was not pinning their recipes onPinterest I was so hooked and then one day I knew Iwanted to do something similar to have my own food blog Twitter is my favorite social media network.

This is where I getto connect and network to a lot of foodies all over the world and this is where Igot acquainted to Cherrie She is from Coactive dreams and she has an amazing amazing show and one day she emailed me wanting to invite me to be part of thepodcast and to do a topic on Foodie as Entrereneur I thinkthat was one of the milestones of my career as being a foodie because to be recognized by someone who is so successful.

She's from her America and I'm from the Philippines, was a true testament that I was doing something right people are recognizing what I do and the best part was I'm not evenworking I'm doing it for passion I'm doing what I love to do Being a foodie for a year now is super exciting you get to feel inspiredevery time a mouthwatering recipe pops up in your screen the passionnever stops like your zest to cook and blog just keeps getting better everyday for Asian food that brings you closer tohome visit sunnydaysrecipes.