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Hello again, it's Galia here from Choc Chickand we are making some more super summer smoothies and this time we're going to do a really clean,fresh and healthy, healthy smoothie, with matcha tea, raw cacao powder, we've got chiaseeds, spinach, matcha powder, goji berries, we're just going to town, we're going to geteverything healthy.

What we're going to do is going to add some bananas, so these arefrozen, a teaspoon or half a teaspoon of matcha, matcha tea which is gorgeous, so I'm goingto do a full teaspoon of that, that is so beautiful as well, so a teaspoon, not tooheaped, of matcha tea, gorgeous chia seeds This is about 30 grams and it's soaked inwater, so you've got nice and gloopy, so I'm going to add the chia seeds, handful ofspinach, some goji berries again, as much as you like, a handful.

That looks so beautiful.

We're going to add some cacao powder, now I fancied something quite orangey, mandariny,so I'm going to use the Blissful Blends Mandarin Blend, so it's raw cacao with mandarin.

I'mgoing to put, oh the smell is gorgeous, two tablespoons, not too heaped of the mandarin.

I've got one cup of coconut milk but I've added, it's half coconut milk, half water.

And we'rejust going to add that all together, probably push it down a little bit, and then we'rejust going to blitz it.

That looks about ready Let's see.

Shall we try it Mi? That's a good way of tryingit.

Oh really like it, this is lovely, there's no sugar added to this at all, you can sweetenit, this is super gloopy isn't it? So this is going to fill us up, this our lunch Mi.

So this essentially is one cup or about a cupful, a glass.

So try that one.

And a lovelyheart.

Well cheers, one for me and one for Mi Let's try this one.

It's really fresh.


Perfect power.


That is power, power, power, in a glass.

Oh with the mandarin.

Themandarin gives it a real freshness.

It's very interesting, very good.

It's quite zingy, yeah, thisis gorgeous.

It would be a great morning, start off with one of these, you're rolling.

That's it.