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Hi guys, this Galeria mall in Jogjakarta.

Today we come here for lunch.

We will meet Veron here.

Lunch with him.

The streets, hanging out.

Then we will try to pay taxes motors.

and it actually Tax payments that will we do here today.

Pay taxes for our motorcycle.

And see how slowly we walk, if I can be slow again.

This is a special place for the motor, we headed down here Together with the car.

Log in to the basement.

Oh motors, must come here.

Good guys, so This is a parking lot, of course.

Oh really? I do not see it.

Is it true? It is funny.

What? It Jules and Sar.


I think we will beat them.

Look at that.

It's new, it looks nice view.

I wonder if they sell imported food.

Food import.

Perhaps such shops in Jakarta.

Yes, you can turn it.


This is the parking attendants.

They gave the cue to turn, straight and continue, continue, continue, until she says stop.


Nearly everywhere there is a parking lot.

And they help and give direction to the parking lot.

Like the first time we learned to drive and maybe our parents taught us Give us direction Almost like it.

Every day, everywhere.

From the parking lot we go up this ladder.

Hey, did you see the new store? Yes.

Yes it looks good.

Yes I think we have to go there today.

Yes but look bigger.

Who knows, we could see.

By the way we climbed this ladder.

To get into the mall.

I could feel the cold air blowing through this door.

I have brown hair.

Brown hair? You to the salon today? Yes, and they are applying the cream chocolate.

Now it smells like chocolate Good, let me kiss.


Have mama too.


So we're here.

Will meet Veron.

Supposedly there's a wall here Yes.

They just change this.

But anyway we never mebawa you guys, I think To Wendy's here.

I do not think so.

The man was who? See the Veron.

Hello Veron.

How are you? Super good.

Here Wendy's had the fried chicken and rice.

It's like They had frosties with custard in it and there was chicken noodle.

May be different from in America.

We are done here, we finished eating and tasty burgers and everything was a bit different than in America, a little drier.

Probably not too tasteless.

But still tasty.

Now we are going to Srarbucks.

And continue what we have done, in fact we are learning Indonesian with Veron.

She has been teaching us a little bit today.

And Now it's time to drink coffee.

This is a starbucks here.

And you can see almost the same It's excellent.

Oh yes it was nice.

Age 71 they Independence Day.

This is great, looks like This cute ssekali We've finished hanging out with Veron.

And Sarah wants to show us the bag, she had seen when we speak to Veron.

See this nice bag like Now we are going down because Jules willing to queue to pay taxes for our motorcycle.

We'll go there and show it to you before Seth and I did not, Sarah and I went home.

So down here he would pay taxes.

Sarah and I would go home so she could finish her school.

Seth certainly was about to run.

He's already finished.

But you have not.


Neither we already have at home.

Now it's late, it was dark outside.

And Jules had made us dinner let's see what he cooks.

We'll see, there are fried shrimp mixed with something.

It marinade anything Jules? You have to ask Seth, Seth actually makes it You make this shrimp No, not completely.

You cut off the head and clean But he added the flour and pepper.


Then you fry.

Nice, and this is what? Kale.


We're talking about the previous night kale.

and I see and maybe you can see from the video the night before.

But I think my fovorit word for this is the Swamp cabbage.

Swamp cabbage.

That they mentioned it in wikipedia.

One name Adala Swamp cabbage.

I like.

I like? I think a better water spinach.

I'll call the kale.

Kale only.

We see nothing in here.

A type of rice.

Uduk rice.

It's called coffè.

So this rice with coconut Coconut milk.

Coconut milk And I use the leaves of spices bebrbagai and lemongrass and.


Supposedly it was tasty.

It looks good.

First I cook in a pan and then steamed.

Did you make a recipe for this? Did you make this recipe for your channel? Yellow rice I forget whether I make yellow rice or rice uduk.


Maybe we'll have a recipe for this.

No, it is coffè.

Oh it's been there.

You can check the channel Julie.

and see how North he made coffè.

good And Sarah have something to be informed to you tonight.


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