Stellenbosch Wine Tour in South Africa

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So we have a fun day planned today.

We'reactually doing a wine tour around Stellenbosch so we're just going to be driving throughthe countryside sipping on wine.

Let's get started.

And eating cheese.

So we're pairing some white wines with cheese.

I don't know which one I'm more excited about.

I think maybe the cheese.

And this is my favorite cheese so far.

It is calledWhite Rock with cranberry.

It tastes a little bit like cheesecake.

The last sweet red wine we tried tasted alittle bit like Christmas cake.

It was delicious.

Good to the last drop.

So we just finished our first wine tastinghere at Fairview.

We each tried six different wines with cheese.

I think we're feeling prettyhappy right now aren't we? It is eleven fourteen in the morning rightnow and I'm already well greased.

So we've now arrived at our second vineyardof the day.

This one is called Moroti and it has more of a rustic family feel.

So let'sgo check that one out.

So this particular vineyard has a lot of character.

It has a specially rustic feel.

And it has just been cool touring around here.

Givensome of the areas what appear to be permanent cobwebs.

It is pretty amazing.

So this is our third vineyard and this particularred wine is straight from the barrel.

Oh, take a sip.

It's good.

And for dessert we are what? Roasting marshmallows.

Over an open fire.

We're just missing the chocolate and grahamcrackers.

Roasted to perfection.

It's hot.

Is it good? Delicious? Alright, I get the next one.

And here is how I like mine.

Nice and crispyall over.

That's a mouth full.

Alright, so we just finished a delicious braailunch and we're feeling quite stuffed.

But the tour isn't over.

We still have two morevineyards to visit and apparently there is Biltong and chocolate on the menu.

So I amlooking forward to that.

They're going to be carrying us away on wheelbarrels by the time we're finished.

So we are now at our forth vineyard.

Everyoneis wearing hats.

I'm not sure why but we're going to go drink some wine in our fancy hats.

We've moved on from cheese to lunch.

And nowwe've got chocolate.

And over here I've got a chili chocolate so apparently you don'ttaste it too much when you're chewing it but when it goes down.

When you're swallowingit that is when you really feel the burn.

So let's see if that is true.

I don't taste it so much now.

Maybe take asip of wine and see what happens.

Yeah, as soon as you swallow it you feel the burn.

It is not too overpowering but it is.

It'sgot some kick to it for sure.

Time for some wine.

Do you want neck scratches? You're sweet aren'tyou? Why are you behind a gate? Huh? You're not dangerous.

Are you a guard dog? Are you a guard dog? Those are nice aren't they? Oh, you're gettinga puppy massage.

Puppy massage.

So we have now arrived at our fifth and finalwinery of the day.

To be honest they're all starting to blend together because we've beendrinking way too much wine but there is still a little room for a few more glasses so let'sgo in and sample some more.

Alright, so we've had cheese and we've hadchocolate with our wine and now it is time for Biltong.

Which is a type of South African jerky.

Thisis awesome, high quality, fresh Biltong.

Final impressions is that was a fantastictour.

It is actually our very last day in South Africa and I couldn't think of a morerelaxing way to finish things off.

The wine was fantastic.

All of the food was reallygood.

We had some excellent cheeses, chocolate and Biltong and we had a huge feast for lunch,so what a great way to wrap things up and that is it for us in South Africa.

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