Spicy Pasta with Lobster/Mi Xao Tom Hum Cay (Vietnamese w/English CC)

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Hi everyone.

Welcome to CathyHa Cooking.

We're cooking a special occasion dish today, such as for a birthday or even on Valentine's Day.

You can impress your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

The name of the dish is pasta with lobster.

I got these lobster tails today, frozen yet they look fresh and delicious.

Next to them is the tomato sauce, canned and organic.

This one is our Asian sauce, the Thai chili garlic in oil paste.

I'm mixing a little Italian with a little Asian today.

We have some garlic, shallots and fresh basil.

First we need to cook the pasta.

Wait for the water to boil and add in 1 tbs of salt.

Then add your pasta in to cook.

Now use some shears to cut the lobster tail.

It's much easier this way.

Then use a knife to cut through in half.

These look great too.

I'm adding the chopped white onion first.

It's got lots of water so it will take a little time to cook out.

Add some salt to the lobster tails.

and some fresh ground pepper.

Now add the shallots We'll add the garlic last since it cooks fast and can get burnt easily.

These will quick fast.

About 2 minutes and we add the lobster tails.

Meat side down first then flip them over in a few minutes.

Now I add in the chopped garlic, on the side of the pan.

And continue to saute everything.

Now let's add 2 tbs of the spicy Thai sauce.

This sauce is a nice balance of sweet, salty, savory and spice.

Nice color too.

This creates our sauce.

Mix them all well.

Then add 3 tbs of tomato sauce.

Here you are.

Now add 2 tbs of premium fish sauce.

This is to punch up our Asian style.

Gotta have fish sauce.

Some saltiness here! Now the pasta, to soak up all this delicious sauce.

Our dish is done.

It's got Asian and a little Italian in it.

Let's make this for your special person's birthday soon.

It's a delicious dish that I know you'll love.

It just looks impressive on the plate.

I will see you next time.

We'll make another wonderful dish.

Okay, I have to finish this plate now!.

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