Spanish baked rice – Mediterranean food

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Recipe of rice for 4 personsIngredients: 140g blood sausage 280g bacon510g pork ribs 250g potato250g tomato 1head of garlic300g rice 500g chicken soupfood colorant saltcut the bacon cut the tomato in thick slicesPeel the potato and cut it in thick slices heat olive oil and fry the meatfry it until it is very browned fry the blood sausage and the potato in thesame oil and after fry the tomatotake off part of the oil and fry the rice for 1 minuteput the meat in a crockpot add the rice and distribute it welladd the chicken broth put the garlic in the center and the potatoand tomato over the rice and meat cook in the oven for 1 hour at 200ºcenjoy it.

Source: Youtube