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– This is something that'll make you wanna slap ya mamma.

– Whoa.

– You know? – I know what you mean.

(laughs) (upbeat music) – Live and direct from Hollywoodis Feast on Hunger Squad.

– We're gonna be travelingall over southern California.

– We're gonna go to one soul food spot.

– You eat their soul food.

– And at that soul foodjoint, they're gonna tell us their favorite soul food joint.

– And then you follow thattrail and go on and on and on until you find – The best soul food in LosAngeles, can I get an amen? – Amen.

– Perfect.

– Let's go.

– Let's go.

– I got soul.

Gonna say that all day.

– How are we gonna judgethese places, by the way? – Do you feel it in your soul? – I got sa– (laughs) – Taste/flava.

– [Colin] Flava.

– And then the last one.

– Colin what's your last one? – Comfort.

– Comfort.

– Can I get an amen? – Amen.

– Whoo! – 'Bout to pull up tothe spot, The Boiler.

– Chino Hills, what up? 30% Asian out here.

– Stephen did some Wikipedia on the way.

– Today we're on thislike, soul food adventure and we're trying tofind the best soul food in the whole L.



– Oh, it's gonna bepretty tough to beat here.

– We'll find out.

You're an Asian dude.

– I am an Asian dude.

– How did you get inthe soul food business? (laughs) – I just fell in love with New Orleans, decided to try to bringover to southern California.

– He doesn't really knowmuch about soul food.

What do you think he's gonna learn today? – It's all about the trinityspices, like you know– – The trinity? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

– Like, the holy trinity? – The holy trinity of spices.

– Whoo, I'm already feeling the spirit.

– All right, let's do this.

– This is what I got so far.

We've got oysters on the half shell.

We've got shrimp po-boy.

We've got gumbo.

And then we've got some bacon-wrapped delicious looking morsels over here.

– All right.

– Let's dig in.

– How do I eat this? – Slide it down you gullet.

– Mm – There ain't much betterthan a good oyster.

– Whoo! – That is fresh.

– Can I get an amen? – Amen.

– Okay, let's do the panhouse signature dish.

– Going down the hatch.

– Oh.

– Wow.

– Big kernels of seafood in it.

– Not expecting that.

– That right there, that's soulful.

– As per the yoosh, I'm eating too much.

And we have two more stops.

– I'm gonna cut Colin off here.

– No way, you don't get to cut me off.

As far as comfort goes, I'm feeling warm.

Flavors exploding all over the place.

They're getting four in flavors.

– No, no, no, you'renot saying flavor right.

It's flava.

– Flava.

– I'm gonna give 'em four, we still have two more places to go.

– I'll give it five, a straight five.

I mean, we talked about the trinity today.

When you're not eatingsoul food at your own spot, have you heard of any good places in L.


that have really good soul food.

– There's a great spot called Mama Soul down on Pico in L.


– Back to Los Angeles.

– We're going to Mama Soul.

– Mama soul.

(glass clinks) – All right, you guysready to go to Mama Soul? – Yeah.

– Are you okay? – I'm fine.

– You don't look okay.

– I feel very full.

– I feel ready to eat another two rounds.

– I'm ready for some like,mac and cheese though.

– I got soul.

– All right, so we finallymade it to Mama Soul.

We have Starr here.

– Our niche is that we do all natural.

So our meats have nopesticides, no hormones and we work with localfarmers for our produce so we're very proud of that.

I took the yummiest things in soul food and put it all together.

Mac and cheese, yams that I love, black eye peas that I grew up with.

So, it's flavors from all over.

(high energy music) – Let's just dig in.

– You guys, whoa, I got my– – Tarter sauce.

– Soul food ranch (laughs) – I love that here's a turkeyleg floating in the collards.

– These beans remind me of something, I don't know what it is.

But it's comfort.

– Whoo, kick.

– Wait, this cornbread'sgot a little sticky top.

– I'm lost.

– Mmm! – Don't interrupt the woman, she's eating.

– Yum.

– I can't make any judgements yet until I taste the catfish though.

– There's not one thing we're eating here that's the same as anythingwe ate at the last joint.

Yet, it's still soul food.

– Still soul food.

– You forget that soul food's kind of a big wide variety of stuff.

– I literally feel like I'min my Aunt Canary's kitchen.

– You have an aunt named Canary? – I do.

– That's amazing.

– Um-hm.

– You comfortable.

– Feel like I'm at home.

– There you go.

– 4.

5 on flava – 4.

5 on flava – 5's all around.

– Are you convinced Freddie? – I'm comin' around.

– You don't have to go back to Virginia to find soul food, Freddie? – I don't.

I feel like this was like afamily reunion experience.

Love, comfort, good food, good vibes.

Gotta keep goin'.

– Look alive, Stephen.

– Come on, we don't havetime for your shenanigans.

– No, I can't go anymore, I quit.

All right, I'm gettingin the car, Freddie.

You want me to get in thecar, I'll get in the car.

– [Freddie] All right, so weare headed to Chef Marilyn's on Crenshaw Boulevard.

– So we are here with ChefMarilyn of Chef Marilyn's (laughs) The Chef Marilyn.

27 years, you still love it? You wake up everyday excited.

– I love it.

I work seven days a week.

I wake up everyday andthe fulfillment part is that people love the food.

– Favorite thing on your menu.

– People love everything.

Soul food is good and it's from the heart.

– That's probably theeasiest way to define it.

– Yeah.

– From the heart.

– Yay, thank you so much Chef Marilyn.

So we got mac and cheese,yams, black eye peas, spinach, smothered chicken.

– Smothered chicken.

– And pork chops.

(sings) – [Stephen] All right guys.

– Our last stop on the soul food tour.

This is a take out only joint, so we're eating in the back of the car.

I have to say, I think thiscatfish is better than Mama Soul – No way, her catfish had longevity.

After like 20 minutes it was still good.

– Wait till you taste this.

– The cornbread is reallygetting me excited.

The crispy edges, I love crispy edges.

– Mm – Yep.

– Sure is.

– You can tell she's put a lotof love and butter in here.

– Butter is her main ingredient.

(laughs) But that's what soul food is.

– I gotta say the soul factorhere is a full throttle five.

– I give a five.

– [Colin] Yeah.

– As a soul food, now connoisseur, five.

– There's a lot of soul in this joint.

– I think it wins.

– Is that meaning of soul? – Soul is community.

Soul is family.

Soul is like legacy.

– Seoul is in South Korea.

(laughs)- [Colin] This guy.

– What have we learnedabout soul food today? – It's really diverse.

– It's really diverse, waymore diverse than I think anybody give it credit for.

There's a lot of thingsyou can call soul food.

– We out! (laughs) – They can't see us.

(jazzy music).

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