Sopa de calabacín al cannabis parte 2, #420weedTV PROGRAMA 136

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Today, we will finishour courgette soup.

It is easy, nutritiousand very happy.

Once the potatoand courgette are mixed, we slowly add it to the cream mix.

Remember you can also usea milk base.

It will depend on the consistencyyou want.

I prefer cream becausethe result is thicker and tastier.

We stir untilthe ingredients blend.

And we start adding the broth.

ADD CHICKEN BROTHAND LET SETTLE FOR 5 MINUTES We will leave it for few minutes.

It should settlefor about five minutes over very low heat so that our base ingredientsdon't get too much temperature.

We add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

We wait.

We can see how the brothgets thicker.

We already served the soup.

It is delicious.

You can also add some cheese, bread crumbs,boiled egg, some cured hamor whatever you like.

It will give it a special touch.

Remember that when we eatdishes with cannabis, it takes one or two hoursbefore we can feel the effect.

As opposed to smokingor inhaling it, it takes longer when ingesting it.

So be patientand you will soon see the results.

I hope you liked my recipe.

We will come back very soonwith another Happy Cooking recipe.

Thank you very much.

COURGETTE SOUP CANNABIS BUTTER, CREAM,COURGETTE, POTATOES, CHICKEN BROTH Next week, we will get to know some of the bestgrow shops in Colombia.


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