Soft mini mysore pak recipe | Diwali sweets recipes | Tamil | English subtitles

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Today Let us see how to prepare mysore pak For this , one measure gram dhal flour sieve it well For one measure gram dhal flour two measures sugar Add two measure ghee or clarified butter I have taken two measures sugar in a vessel gram dhal flour ( sieved ) little water ( no audio ) Stir as shown so that there are no solid pieces of gram dhal flour ( no audio ) Take two measures of ghee separately Add little by little and stir continuously As we add ghee the flour absorbs it ( stirring sound) Stir till it does not stick to the vessel On a plate apply a film or coating of ghee It has reached the right state Remove and add to the plate ( coated with ghee ) Spread by shaking the plate it spreads evenly After it cools we can cut it (no audio ) Mysore pak is ready with flavour of ghee It is of right "padham" Please try for Navratri and Diwali and please give your feedback (no audio ).