SNACK TASTING TIME!!! Eating Indonesian snacks and some imported snacks!! So GOOD!!!

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Hi everyone!!! We wanna do Snack Tasting Time! Hi, I am Aaron.

Hi, I am Avril.

Rock, Paper, Scissor!! I win, then I am first.

I want.

This! This is Twister, strawberry flavour.

Strawberry flavor is delicious.

Naraya, otakku.

The texture is crunchy crunchy It is so fragrant.

This! Chiki snack ball.

It it cheese flavor.



Cheese flavor is delicious.


I got this, named Bagelen.

Taste like.

Like a toast (Yes! It is baked bread!) It has cheese on top, it is so delicious! And crunchy I got this, Qtela Tempe crackers, original flavor.

Very delicious.

Snow crackers.


A little bit sweet and crunchy.

I got this.

Oishii Pillows.

This is sweet potato flavor.

Can I have some? Sweet potato is sweet.

I got this, Deka Crepes.

Taste like peanut butter (Yes!! It is Chocolate and Nut combination).

Look! It has a little milk line.

I got this, Chuba.

Sweet corn flavor.

(It is cassava crackers) Crunchy, a little bit sweet, and a bit spicy.

Avril again.

I got this, Nabati, cheese wafer.


Can I have some? (Yes!) This is cheese flavor.

Very sweet.

I like sweet.

Got this.

Bisvit Selimut.

Cheese flavor, sweet, very yummy.

I like it.

Me again.

It is pumpkin seed flavor.

(It is a seaweed snack.

) I eat it.

Taste like seaweed.

(LOL, yes it is a seaweed snack) Taste like a bit spicy.

But it is very delicious.

I like it.

I got this, Tini Wini Biti.

This is sweet corn flavor.

I open it.

Small butterfly shapes cracker.


Can I? Yes.

Taste like corn, a bit sweet, very delicious.

Me again.


I got this.

French fries.

It has tomato ketchup sauce inside.




Do you want? Yes, I want.

Look at this.

(Chuckles) Tomato sauce is a bit spicy.

Yes, a bit spicy.


I got this, Shoyuemi.

This is chicken flavor.

Very delicious.

I got this, Soba.

Sambal balado flavor (Indonesian chilli sauce flavor) I open it.

A bit salty and sweet.

Mom, do you want some? (No, thanks) Me again.

I choose.

I got this, Shoyuemi again.

But it is black pepper flavor.

Look, different shapes of shoyuemi (than before).

A bit salty.

Black pepper is spicy.


The last one.

What is this?? I got this, Cheetos.

It is Ayam Bakar flavor (Grilled chicken flavor).


Today Snack Tasting is Success!!! See you next time.

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Muach! Bye Bye.


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