Smothered Chicken

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hello and welcome to soul food cooking todayI will be making smothered chicken you will need chicken thighs one-halfcup of canola oil 1 cup of chopped onion 1 cup of flour one and one-fourthcup of chicken broth 1 teaspoon of pepper one-half teaspoon of salt 1teaspoon of smoked paprika 1 teaspoon onion powder 2 teaspoons of garlicpowder and 2 teaspoons of seasoned salt to the flour add salt pepper smoked paprika onion powder garlic powder seasoned salt and whisk until well incorporated lightly batter the chicken and set aside also set aside the seasoned flour to the oil in the pan add onions andsaute over medium heat for 4 minutes remove the onion from the pan and set aside next add the chicken to the pan and cookuntil just done cooking time will depend on the size of your chicken part remove chicken from pan and set aside remove the oil from the pan leaving thedrippings from frying add 2 tablespoons of seasoned flour and whisk until goldenbrown add chicken broth to the pan and whisk until gravyjust thickens add the onion and chicken and allow chicken to cook for another 15 to 20 minutes this comfort dish goes great with rice or mashed potatoes I hope you enjoy thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to soul food cooking.

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