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I met Faisal pretty much seven years ago.

Faisal my business partner is from Jordan.

And I’m from Syria.

We opened this restaurant four years ago.

It’s been great.

People love it.

We love what we do.

We enjoy it, it’s a life style for us.

We chose the name Dametra because… Actually to present, our our background.

It’s a combination of Damascus, Syria and Jordan.

So that’s why it’s Dametra.

We wanted both of us to open a restaurantthat feels like home.

More than a restaurant.

We wanted to have like a living room.

People just come to our living room to have fun.

Just enjoy it.

Be themselves.

Eat, drinkand dance.

Cuisine comes from the Mediterranean.

We covered Middle Eastern.

And I give credit to my mother and my grandmother.

Taught mea lot of the recipes.

And then some Greek, a little Turkish, Spanish and Italian.

We have late reservations so we’re going to be opened really late tonight.

I’m lookingforward to it.

Hello, Mr.

Griffinth? This is Vishal fromDametra Café.

I have your table ready.


You’re table is ready.


Oh, Hi.

Do you have an 8:30 reservation for Winston? Winston? How many people?Three.

Give me one second.

It’s Friday night you know.

And we are very very busy today.

Especially this weekend because of the LeMans.

But I’m happy with this crowd.

This thelife style for me.

To make sure everyone is relax and comfortable.

I’ll tell you I’m stressed though.

But it’s okay.

I like it this way.

You’re all together? Yes.


Thanks for waiting.

Thanks for waiting.


One minute till we’re ready.

Happy Anniversary.

Thank you so much.

As you see.

It’s Friday night.

We are verybusy.

It’s a lot of work.

But we’re good, you know.


The kitchen is doing their best.

Like rockn’ roll, you know.

None stop.

It’s called Oud, O-U-D.

It’s from theMiddle East.

Which is very popular in Syria and in the Middle East.

I’ve been playing this instrument pretty much for my whole life.

Since I was nine yearsold.

People here love it.

They get so excited aboutit.

Bye bye ladies.

Thank you.

Take care.

How’s dinner so far?Great.

We have a table for two.

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