Simple Recipe for Raw Vegan Dip with Unexpected Gluten-Free Wraps

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Hi, it's Mia from Stay Basic and today we'regoing to make cilantro sunflower dip.

The first step in this is taking the sunflowerseeds and rinsing them off, washing them, and soaking them in water for anywhere fromtwo to six hours is fine, so you could leave them over night, if that works best for yourday.

Then once you've soaked them, for at least 2 hours, you pour them into a strainerand leave the strainer over a dish so that the water doesn't get all over the place.

And you let them sprout, so you'll start to see that just like a little little teeny tipstarts to come out of the bottom of the sunflower seeds and then you'll know that they're sproutedand ready to go.

so now you have all of your ingredients together and we're going to startby putting the sunflower seeds at the bottom, somehow that makes it easiest for the blendingsituation and then literally I'm going to take the washed cilantro and I'm just goingto put all of it without cutting it or anything, on top of the sunflower seeds, and then Ihave the garlic and the scallions, the tamari, and the lemon juice and finally the tahini,which is sometimes a little messy, and I have made this without the tahini before, and it'sstill really good, I just happened to have it today, but sometimes I don't always haveit.

And then this is where you get to test the Vitamix.

So, you're going to put the topon and you'll see that it doesn't have the plastic thing.

I've taken that off and I havethis thing, which came with your Vitamix and I'm going to sort of stick it into the top,and just so you know this thing is the right length so that it will never hit the blade,and I'm going to start it at low and turn it on.

Alright, and eventually it becomesa very smooth consistency and if you are making this in a Vitamix, which I highly reccommend,I think you can also make it in a Cuisineart and it will just be a little bit, it willnot be quite as smooth, but you'll see in the Vitamix that it actually makes it sortof warm.

That looks really great on camera.

And it's really good and now you can use itto wrap in collards! The cilantro sunflower dip is great for dipping just plain vegetablesin or dipping in your favorite gluten-free crackers, but it is also great to make rollupswith, which is a really fun thing to do either if you're going to a potluck or it's somethingthat kids embrace and will actually eat lots of vegetables with, so, I was going to showyou how to wrap it in collard greens, which is one of my favorite alternatives to bread.

So, this is a collard green, and I literally just take my kitchen scissors, and cut theleaf.

I cut the leaf into about four parts, so this is half the leaf, and then I'm justgoing to take it and I'm going to cut out the stem from the middle.

These scissors arevery sharp for small hands, but if you have the right scissors, kids can probably do thatpart too, but as you'll see I end up with pieces that are about sort of the size ofmy palm.

So I'm going to use this one and in it, I am going to put a little bit of ourdip, which I just spread out in the middle, and I'm going to put some carrots, and actuallyuse the vegetables to spread the dip out a little bit more.

And then I'm just going toroll it.

Just this itself is a great taco that anybody could eat, it's filled with thedip and vegetables.