Shopping at Setan Market in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Friends – Friends, this morning we are going to market.

And buy some vegetables.

For lunch today.

Jules will cook.

Sayaruan what would we buy? (Julie) We'll try to find cassava leaves.

Cassava leaves? (Julie) Yes.


Well friends – friends, Jules on a motorcycle today.

So I can try vlogging from behind.

See the how, today we use him again Canon Ixus camera 255hs.

Now we get into the market area.

We park here.

Buy chicken wear kilo.

And now we are looking vegetables.

So friends – friends, this is called market booth (In English) Or Stan Market.

Here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Jules will buy some tempeh.

(Julie) immediately Already here wrote.

(Merchants) Her son was not involved? (Julie) husband wrote.

(laugh) We can cassava leaves here.


That's a lot.

Price Rp.

2000 Only two thousand per bundle.

Well so it can tempe and cassava leaves, now we are looking for a longer, But I'm not sure it's what? Oh, spices – spices, okay.


(Julie) It chilli huh? (Julie) Can mix all huh? (Julie) Calculated how? I do not know.

Spoon or with a spoon I do not know ya.

(Julie) Shallots are no ya? (Merchants) Onions yet.

All right already can spice – spice, next Jules? (Julie) Onions.

Uh onion, fine.

(Traders) If that was a quarter of ten, is nine.

It's been a quarter of a kilo? I do not know.

(Julie) Is this enough? (Merchant) Oh again, add more if a quarter.

(Merchants) Again, a bit much.

(Julie) Lots yes.

He said it was not enough for a quarter of a kilo.

(Julie) This is how? (Merchants) Again – again, yes.

Well we can shallots.


And now we are looking for what? We need vegetables for dinner.

Vegetables for dinner.

Vegetable what? (Julie) Perhaps there is broccoli.

Over here.

They are very long so we looked for another place to sell vegetables.


(Julie) I grab carrots for dinner.


Well we can all the vegetables we needed for lunch and dinner today.

Now we will be out of the market, back to the road.

And Julie will try to find charcoal.

To cook meat today.

For lunch.

Let us put into this shop.

Over here where they sell charcoal called areng.


The mission is complete, we can charcoal, vegetables, tempeh, we can get all we needed for lunch, and then dinner.

And the ashes are really – really charcoal from wood.

So, let's go back to the house.

a friend – a friend is no change to our daily schedule.

Over here is our gas tube.

And unfortunately today two – both empty.

And the man who was supposed to come exchange them says he can not come until tomorrow.

So we had no way to cook.

There are fish, shrimp and calamari – squid.

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