Shopping at Giant Supermarket | Shopping in Indonesia

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Hi guys, we thought to take you to the grocery store here.

This place name Giant Express.

They had a great giant, almost like Walmart where you can buy various goods wholesale.

Maybe you could compare this with walmart Neighbors warlmart possible.

For grocery stores.

But inside looks like this.

Many crops.

All good stuff here.

There are different kinds of citrus.




Yellow watermelon.

Watermelon usual.


[Julie] All kinds of mango.

All kinds of goods Jules huh ?! [Julie] Today there are four types of mangoes.


[Julie] It's called dragon fruit.

[Julie] This is great almost as big as my head.

[Julie] You want to see this side? See this little apple.

So Seth will bring his apple.

So like in America you just need to wait to be registered here.

Before you to the registration.

They have nowhere to weigh.

There he is.

Some types of vegetables.

There was cabbage and corn and carrots and all that good here.

Chili and onion.

There is a green apple.

Australian citrus and kiwi.

Here there's a package.

Sometimes there are already like this, be careful when buying it.

Package vegetables.

Frozen food.

Most chicken nuggets.

They got chicken nuggets in various shapes and prices.



Fish in packs.

And eggs are sold per kilo.

seafood area.


Other frozen foods.

There are crabs and mussels and flies.


Lots of fish here.

Head of salmon, in case you want to buy salmon fish head.

There is a live fish.

Wow, look at that.

It seems like there are grouper and catfish.

You want to eat in which Seth? [Seth] No.

There is no? [Seth] I do not really like fish.

[Seth] I like, it was just okay.

Just okay.


Chicken leg.

Other parts of the chicken and beef down there.




Let me see your muscles Seth.

Let's see what else they have.

Here there berbagain kinds of noodles.

Here there are snacks and biscuits and the like.

Let's look at something that you might recognize.

Tango maybe, maybe we have a tango in America.


Oreo strowbery.

Oreo ice cream flavors.

There was double delight.

And chocolate cream.

Here are some types of beef tins.

Many kinds of canned food, canned sardines, canned mackree.

Part tuna over here.

Look at this, del monte.

Del monte sweet corn.

It's actually from Thailand but nice box.

And pickled garlic, it was Seth's favorite.

Favorites list.

Here there are different types of packages.

It crackers.

Are the fries.

It just needs to be fried and it expands.

Various types, Jules you take what? Look at that, wow.

Various types of drinks.

Beverage bottles, coca cola products, and.

Juice Sweetened condensed milk cans.

White and chocolate, Different types of milk powder.

[Sarah] Look at this.

What is it, show us.

[Sarah] Me so fierce (I was very grumpy).

You want to be fierce when using this cotton on your face.

Various kinds of toothpaste.

Some of them are probably familiar in America, Pepsodent.

Close up.

What else? With which I identify.

[Sarah] It herbs so there is like a grapefruit.

[Sarah] And the name of this plant basil.


[Sarah] We have not had this in America.

Certainly not the flavor of basil.

salt with lemon.

Maybe I do not know, oh no colgate down here.

Quickly, I will show you housewares here.

There is a broom and shoe polish and the like.

Here there is no inventory of soap.

Laundry soap and the like.

Kitchen supplies, small stove for your home if you need.

Jules coming out now, and I do not want to miss.

Let's see what he was doing.

Wow you have not come out.

[Julie] They are here are very good, they are very nimble and efficient so nice.

It was a giant express in Jogjakarta.

Grocery stores were nice, they did not have everything but they have almost everything you might need.

There's also a giant fried chicken.

And I think it's better than KFC in Indonesia.

And also cheaper to eat here.

but giant If you are in Indonesia and go shopping maybe you should try to express giant d.

Until then, do not forget Julie always says.

[Julie & Seth] Keep Smiling :).

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