Shanghai, China: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 1

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What's up! Kevin Cook here, and today I'm in Shanghai, the most expensive city in all of China and in my hand, I have 130 RMB which roughly converts to about 20 USD.

I'm gonna see if this is enough moneyto pay for breakfast, lunch, dinner accommodation, and transportation for one whole day.

Breakfast today is two baozi buns for only 3 yuan, which is about 50 cents.

Not bad.

Okay, gonna try my breakfast today.

Oh my God! So juicy! This baozi just squirted all over my face.

Pork and pork juice.

Healthy way to start the day.

Five kuai for a little pineapple on a stick.

Need to have a balanced breakfast.

Put some fruit in there.

Monkey! One kuai wasted.

Alright, just got my ticket.

8 kuai for my lunch today: sheng jian bao at Yang's Dumplings.

Hopefully it's worth the wait.

A lot of people look like they'reready to eat the same thing.

Alright, let's go eat this! It's fried on one side.

It's got sesame seeds on top, some chives.

This sheng jian bao is outrageously delicious.

That guy's borrowing my car.

Perfect day to be out on the bund.

People are out here trying to take pictures with us.

People that don't even know us are asking us to take photographs with them.

头发好看 What'd she say?-She likes your hair, man.

你喜欢? I think this is the manager of this place.

-Yes! This is where we're gonna have dinner tonight.




-谢谢 Here's my dinner.

This is 18 yuan, this is 12 yuan.

Which makes this a 30 kuai dinner.

Egg fried rice.

Can't go wrong with it.

Simple, filling.

With a little beer on the side.

Oh man, I'm so full right now.

Just finished my dinner.

Now, after this beer and this rice, I'mfeeling a little bit sleepy.

Think it's time I go find a place to stay tonigt.

Getting a workout for free.

Zero dollars.

After a long day of exploring Shanghai I think it's about time to get a little sleep.