Secrets of Jamaican Jerk Chicken: An Inside Look at

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One of the key things about Jerk is that itmust be done on a charcoal grill and there's a lot of restaurants all over the place thathas Jerk on their menu that's done in a gas oven.

And that is not Jerk.

Putting the Jerkseasoning on chicken and put it in a gas oven, a conventional oven, doesn't make it Jerk.

It has to have that smoke taste in it.

The best Jerk I've ever had, obviously, wouldbe in the islands, in Jamaica.

I've gone back home and froze Jerk chicken and bring it backwith me just to savor that taste.

So that's why I thought I could bring that differentaspect of it, where I could get, you know, a real Jamaican grill.

As you can see righthere, this is a real "drum pan," as we call it in Jamaica, or "chicken pan," we call itin Jamaica.

And you just do your chicken on this and you get the true, succulent Jerkflavor, not only the seasoning itself but also the smoke is a big part of it.

I try to make it keep a low flame so thereforeit doesn't get dry.

It still has juices in it.

So I try to keep it on the grill for atleast an hour on a medium to low flame.

If it's too high, it's burnt and it's not assoft and moist as it should be.

My wife is obviously a big part of my supportteam.

Novelette, she is here today at the launch, helping me get it off the ground.

Also my sister, who's place I'm at right now is really one of the key things because theidea was always there.

So she offered for me to use her yard as a starting point.

This is obviously, as you can see, just astart but we're going to expand a little bit.

And We're going to have, actually, a constructionthat's gonna, you know, have that kind of authentic Caribbean Jamaican vibe of a Jerkshack.

And my friends, again, you know, I have good friends who always come over forcookouts and they always say, "Rob, we'll buy this from you.

We'll buy it.

" Why not make it a business? So that's howit really came to life and manifest itself.

Well, definitely, I enjoy cooking.

I meanI love to eat.

Growing up in Jamaica and you know Jerk is a big thing there and in thesummertime, after I moved to the states, we always have backyard cookouts.

And for somereason, I always gravitate towards the grill and just grab the grill.

And from doing thegrill and learning to prepare the meat and, you know, season the meat and get it together,it just became something I never thought of as work.

I always hear people say, and I'veread people say that, you know, if you can do something, you know, every day that's workthat is fun; you'll never work a day in your life.

So with all of that coming together,this is what we have, 617 Jerk.

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