Salt baked fish – sea bass recipe

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Ingredients:1Sea bass (17oz)29oz salt for cooking6 tbsp water We put the salt in a bowl and add the water.

The amount of water is the minimum to allow the salt keep its shape when manipulated.

should not be excess water, if there is, we can add more salt.

Spreading a bed of salt 1-2cm thick.

Place the sea bass on salt.

Pour the remaining salt on the sea bass and shape with your hands to coat completely without fissures, cracks or exposed parts.

The layer must be homogeneous and 1-2cm thick.

Trick or advice: Optionally, you can leave some of bareheaded to see the eye, which will be a perfect indicator of well cooked.

Bake 30 minutes at 200C.

If the bass is bigger take longer, and if smaller less time.

Remove the salt crust gently and serve.

Tip: You do not need oiling outside sea bass, the salt crust come off easily when cooked.

Source: Youtube