Saigon, Vietnam: Traveling for 20 Dollars a Day – Ep 12

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Hello! -Check out this shirt.

Yeah, this one says "Pho King!" That's right.

The "Pho King" shirt.

Alright, good morning, everybody.

Today I'm here at the Hangout Hostelhere in Ho Chi Minh.

They have a special promotion going on here.

Five dollars for a dorm bed, including.

Free breakfast and a free beer.

I've got my free breakfast right here: a baguette and an omelette.

And, of course, a cup of tea to start the day.

Alright, we're here at the Saigon CentralPost Office.

Right across the street from the SaigonNotre-Dame Cathedral.

I'm gonna buy a post card, mail ithome to my family.

And that shouldn't be too expensive.

C'mon, let's go inside and check it out! Let's take a look inside the Independence Palace.

And see if we can learna thing or two about Saigon.

C'mon! A lot of beautiful rooms inside of here,.

All kinds of exhibits and whatnot.

[It's] a very beautiful place.

This restaurant looked super busy.

Lots of people going in an out.

Looks really delicious, and it came with.

Some veggies on the side.

Looks likemorning glory.

So much fish in these noodles.

Delicious! Alright, so I was walking down the road and.

You know, it just started pouring down rain.

Everyone on their motorbikes stoppedto put on their ponchos.

This city doesn't stop whenever it starts raining.

People seek shelter in a cafe, like I did.

Here in Cafe Xanh.

In Vietnam, if you get an iced coffee.

It's gonna come in a glass that looks like it's about half full.

usually, because the coffee is so strong.

I recommend you get a mixer.

Either milk or water with it.

I'm here at the War Remnants Museum.

As someone who was born and raisedin the U.



, I've gotta say that.

This was a pretty tough museum to visit.

Some really intense images and stories on display.

In this museum about the Vietnam War.

On a more positive note, the relationshipbetween the U.


and Vietnam.

Is improving.

But, as people, when it comes to war.

There's still a lot that we need to learn.

Alright, we're out here at Tao Dan Park.

A huge park here in Ho Chi Minh.

You know what: we're gonna geta workout in.

Even though it's raining outside, that'snot an excuse not to workout.

Got all the equipment you need right here toget a great workout, and it's free! Bến Thành Market.

You've gottacheck this place out.

All kinds of stuff here.

Clothes, jewelry.

Anything under the sun, you can buy it here.

Right next to me is.

-Hello! -Check out this shirt.

Yeah, this one says "Pho King!" That's right.

The "Pho King" shirt.


This is Bánh Mì Huỳnh Hoa,.

One of the most famous places thatsells bahn mi in Ho Chi Minh City.

It's like a French baguette in Vietnamese style.

You heard the girl.

This is one of the most famousplaces for bahn mi in all of Saigon.

Seriously, it looks like there's an entireuniverse inside of this sandwich.

There's so much going on in here.

Let's take a bite.

I just met Huong here.

He spent like, what,25 years in Seattle? -Yeah.

He lived in the U.


for a long time.

A really cool guy.

I stopped to get a banana smoothie here.

And we've just been chatting for a bit.

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