S. African farmer perspectives on biotech crops

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Grain South Africa is a producer's organizationthat tends to the needs, of all the grain farmers in South Africa, whether it is bigor small.

We tend to look specifically at the use of GM crops, because of the ease ofuse and because of the profitability.

Our income rose substantially at farm level, whichled to, that we can buy more land, increase our operations, make it bigger, employ somemore people.

And, the increase in yield that we experience certainly helped a lot, in that.

We use actually less herbicides and, a little bit of pesticides just for thenematodes but, much less than in the past.

We use less fuel, because of the tillagethat hasn't been done mechanically now.

Due to the fact that crop increased thepast couple of years, the size of our crops, we were getting, starting to get into an exportsituation.

We exported some of our crop into the rest of Africa.

Food must be producedsafely and in enough quantity, to the masses of the world and, I see that genetically modifiedseeds, food, is an essential tool in bringing that about.

Countries that have the ways andmeans to use it, and don't use it, I think are in a big disadvantage,because I'm asking myself the question, "Whose responsibility is it to feed the world?" Isit just certain countries of the world that must attend to that problem? Or, do we asfarmers of the world who have the knowledge and the skills, must all participate in it?As a farmer, it's a pity for me to see that farmers in Europe don't have the advantagesof this technology, that legislation in Europe is preventing farmers to do their job properly.

They want to do it better, they want to do it with the best ways and means possible.

But they can't because they don't have all the technology at their disposal.

Farmingand its problems and challenges are the same all over the world.

And, I would like to sayto my fellow colleagues in Europe that I would like to see the day that you've got all thetechnology available to help feed the world, because you know how to do it, you've gotthe ways and means to do it, and I wish you the best of luck.

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