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Hi good morning all, back again.

We wish you a wonderful day.

Today I am in Recheese, Recheese Factory? Recheese to create WIng Spicy challenge.

With who's here.

By Seth.


Martin, Jerom, Alip.

Sarah and mother Neli.

If you watch a vlog yesterday you saw me and Sarah did challenge And we can do it.

Level 5.


But today it is the turn of men Men's turn to do so.

they had Now they have Seth got level 5 That's the highest level.

4 wings.

Beverages, rice and gravy.

But for this challenge they must not use rice, should not drink and you can eat cheesenya (Cheese) if you want.

Seth level 5, Marti level 5 to 6 wings.

Jerom level 4 with 4 wings like Seth.

And Mr.

Alip has 6 wings level 5 as well.

Good, you guys ready? Ready! Well let's start challengenya! You can eat.

Okay we start.

We try.

See this, this fully covered by the sauce.

Good? Yes.

Yes it felt good.

Tasty first bite.

See your face Seth.

Already started to pink.

One seudah.

You spiciness.

Jerom jekukan.

This spicy on my lips.

I do not think so.

Spicy? Yes.

Jerom own tears.

You are doing very good.

No crying.

Jerom you cry.

Seth how is it? Very spicy.

Very spicy? It was spicy in your lips? Yes.

How Alip? Spicy enough.

Still strong.

I think I guess we do not show this to the chicken.

It would be very depressing.

we've eaten meat Chickens are poor.

Tasty bu Neli.

Tasty, not spicy.

How does it feel? Good? This level, level 1.

Level one.

Neli dining level 1.

It was the beginning yes.


There is the level 0 huh? Yes, level 1.

He can be as level 1.

Jerom let's see your eyes.

See her eyes.

You did it.

Wow! You win.

You won challengenya.

Nice! It was only level 4.

Level 4 was incredible.


Seth see you.

Eat all the meat.

May I have a drink? Yes, you should not drink now.

Seth, look to me? How are you? Your cheeks flushed.

In your lips right now, yes.

Wow, blepotan really.

Yes you blepotan all.

So I took the sauce.

Have Alip clean, look got him.

Seth has not clean.

Alip clean.

Yes, he's fine.

Alip got clean and he did not feel anything.


Good Marti.

Already completed.

I was not as clean as the bone has Alip.

But Done.


Everything is finished.

Wow great.

Now you can drink.

Show their faces.

Alip let us see your face.

Oh incredible.

No effect.

Very good.

Very good.

Marti? You look fine.

This is good.


Very messy up in my mouth.

Thus the most spicy around the lips.

Yes you got sweat around the eyes, but maybe you're hot too.

We're okay.

The noodles.


We see Seth See our faces Seth.

There snot out of your nose.

Abis the tissue.

We spent the tissue.

Okay you guys, thanks for the suggestion to make Recheese challenge Please subscribe to our channel, we made a video for you every day.

We wish you a wonderful day and.

Keep Smiling :).

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