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Well everything in Recheese factory and we'll create two challenge today.

I'm here together with Jules and Sarah.

They will do a level 5 challenge So here it is our message, there wings are level 5.

This is one serving.

And it can with cheese sauce and rice.

And pink lava drink.

It's the rules.

Eat the chicken but you should not eat rice or drink after you spent all four wings Or until you cry for mercy.

Let's do it! All right, please start.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Let's kiss.

The aroma is spicy yet.

You begin? Oh he began.

Do not play around Sarah.

Recall that yesterday.

Good? Yes it spicy.

Sarah? Spicy? Yes I'm trying not to breathe.

He quickly.

Have you already started to clean.

Come on Sarah you can do it.

I was very brave.

Your eyes are not watering.

not yet but it was down here.

and my lips.

I was very shaky.

Why? I'm nervous.

I will not fail you.

I can.


Come on Sarah.

Do not wait, you should do it.

When you can.

My nose is runny.

You could be Sarah.

I was shaking.

You know I do not like spicy.

I do this for you.

One more.

The latter.

Sarah has come to the last.

Jules had the latter as well.

He can do it I can too.

Does he get a drink? Yes she can drink.

You should not drink.

Wipes may ask? Should not drink ya.

Come on Sarah you can.

A little bit more.

it was 5 minutes.

You do not try cheese saucenya.


Very spicy.


after being discharged stop eating My mouth spicy at all.





We succeeded.

Yay! Neither you, your opinion bagiamana Jules and Sarah They did challenge recheese lever 5.

I got it.

I do not believe I could do it.

This is more spicy than Abang Adek.

But it was spicy yet.

I do not think I did not join the challenge Mie Abang Adek.

Mie Abang Adek I did not follow it but the challenge When I eat this.

It was not too spicy.

But when I quit I can feel it in my mouth and lips.

And my tongue.

It really hurts.

How is your tummy? My stomach is still safe.


The first one was fine but the current was strong.

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And we'll see what we can do.

Both of you, have a nice day beautiful.

and Keep Smiling.


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