Rice Fields in Indonesia

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Hi, good morning kalian.

Kami got a request video from our friend Clayton Johnson.

And he would like to see rice close.

When grown in the fields.

A few days ago Julie made a video in which he pointed rice fields.

Let's show him from up close.

Starting from a small one like this.

All rice planted close together and small like this.

They take away from here,.

They are small clots like this.

Then move it to another location.

Right here.

Looks like this when it is moved Come here, closer There are frogs and various kinds of insects there.


So this is when the newly planted rice.

Let's see if we could find a bigger one.

Looks like this.

Far enough, we are into rice down here.

And look at what it looks like up close.

Well, looks like grass that has been rising.

Then down here.

Look down here there are a bunch of rice plants.

Here below you can see his form there, great.

Let's cross the street.

And I'll show you another stage of rice.

Bigger and ready for harvest.

Here it is, looks yellow.

To rice down here.

Yes look like that.

Down here there is a small set So close look like this.

Good guys, the last part of the rice is harvested.

and here is rice that has been harvested.

So Clayton so the rice looks like this after the harvest.

Cut rice.

Then at last gathered in the fuel as there Clayton, that the appearance of rice from nearby.

And for those of you who want to comment here.

#claytonloverice Both of you, after talking about the rice we become hungry.

We'll be down here and eat.

So we come here and grab a plate.

Or plate rattan.

rice paper.

Take rice.

Then here and you can select a side dish that you want.

There are different types of dishes are fried.


and fish up here, looking good.

There tempeh and tofu.

Tempe fresh.

Vegetables, vegetables are exhausted.

Both of you we already took our food and see this cool wall.

We could have eaten anywhere in the world at this restaurant.

Yes, cool.

[Seth] I know you'll make it.

You know.

[Seth] saaat you say that me you'll do something.

Why do not you try, you can show magic fingers.

I did not hear anything.

I can not.

Then you can not be everywhere.

We're going to get sick if you're into a lot of places.

It was crazy.

What we eat today Sether? With the new head of you, well done.

I like your new head.

Can be outside.

Let's see what we can, you take what? [Seth] fritters.


[Seth] vegetables, tempeh and eggs.

and eggs.



Jules was licked his finger, we are to Sarah first.

[Sarah] I take rice, vegetable beans, cakes, fish and tempeh.

Nice, And the drinks are already here.

Iced tea.

Very good.

I take Vegetable.

and rice and tempeh.

Jules? [Julie] I'm the same.

Vegetables, rice and tempeh? [Julie] Yes.

[Sarah] I'm the only one who took the fish? You are the only one who took fish.

[Sarah] It's delicious.


[Seth] I'm the only one who took the eggs because only a single egg.

You can only eggs.

[Paying foods] When you eat in the restaurant, you enter grab a plate with rice paper.

Then take the food you want.

When finished you tell me you want to pay.

Then they ask you what to eat.

Then you tell what you eat.

Then you pay for.

So today is 42,000 rupiah About 3 dollars, maybe three dollars 50 cents.

For our air-four lunch at the food stall.

And satiety Seth said, it's true.

Still, still sick.

We've debated about going back to the doctor and I see your comments and we advise you to see a doctor again.

Some suggested us to the hospital.

Some think it is too expensive if we go to the hospital.

and all that.

That's great, I'm glad to have your comments and read the comments.

And very interesting to read.

and see the difference in people's comments.

As before when we were sick of you comment ah, do not have to go to the doctor, you just need a break.

Do not take antibiotics, you just need a break and Etc.

Now, go to the hospital! That's funny, that's great.

Thanks guys.

So maybe we get there tomorrow.

I do not know.

We know hospitals are not expensive, and it was not the reason we do not want to go there.

There are other reasons.

but, Not because it was too expensive for sure.

Health services in Indonesia's.

So, We will see what we do with it.

How do you think Jules? [Julie] Yeah we'll see.

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see you tomorrow.

As Jules always said Keep Smiling :).

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