Relationship Building: Sweetness for your Soul

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>>Michelle: Hi! Today we've got a quick littlerelationship building spirit exercise for you! >>Tami: These little practice is full of somewords of wisdom that are guaranteed to add a little more love and empowerment to yourlife and your relationships, both romantic and otherwise.

>>Michelle: So let's get started! [music] >>Tami: We all get into situations sometimeswith the people we care about where we wish we had the right words to say – maybe you'redealing with a loved one who needs to know how much you care or maybe someone you careabout needs support through a challenge.

>>Michelle: Sometimes being able to put yourselfin the other person's shoes and diffuse a situation before it escalates into somethinga little bit more serious can make all the difference – not only in your relationship with the other person,but in how you feel about yourself as well.

>>Tami: So today we're offering some soul-buildingphrases to help.

>>Michelle: When they need to know how muchyou love them.

[music] >>Tami: When they need to know you are there100%.

[music] >>Michelle: When they're stressed or frustrated.

[music] >>Tami: When they're experiencing failure.

[music] >>Michelle: When they're up against a big challenge.

[music] >>Tami: Give these a try, see which phrasesresonate with you the most, and notice how they affect your soul, your relationships,and your world.


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