Raw Zucchini Pasta – Pasta Sauce Recipe

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bobby: Today is super exciting because we'renot only going to make a dish that is going to help us beat the summer heat, but I amwith my friend Erica of the blog Everything Erica to show us a great summertime recipe,a zucchini noodle salad with tropical marinara sauce.

Erica: This recipe will keep you bikini ready this summer, which is really really important.

Bobby: And speedo ready.

erica: Very, it's easy and best of all itdoesn't require any actual cooking.

bobby: This is raw, it's cool, it's crisp,it's refreshing.

Why don't you tell everyone about your blog and all your Instagram foodieadventures.

erica: Yeah, so my blog is Everything Erica.

My philosophy is just a fun light-hearted easy approach to cooking, so this recipe couldn'tfit that mantra more.

bobby: Let's get started.

Erica: Let's do it.

bobby: What are we doing first?erica: First we are going to make the zucchini noodles.

This is so easy to do, and I havethe, literally this is easiest tool in the world.

This is the Chelsea Dale peeler.

Basicallyit has a peeler on one side and a zucchini noodle magic maker on the other.

You literallyjust peel the zucchini with one side, and then you flip it over and on the other sideit literally just makes the zucchini noodles for you.

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Okay whileyou finish up the noodles I'm going to move on to our raw tropical marinara sauce.

It'sso refreshing.

It's just pretty much dumping a whole garden into our blender, buzz it up,and it's so easy and so delicious.

To the blender I'm adding three quarters of a poundof fresh tomatoes.

To that I'm going to add a half a cup of sun dried tomatoes.

I adda half a cup of diced up cantaloupe.

The cantaloupe just adds a sweetness to it, and it has abig water content.

That's going to help thin out the sauce a little bit.

Erica: It's perfect too, so a lot of times people add sugar to marinara sauce to cutthe acidity.

In this case we're replacing that with fruit, which is a much better sugarfor you.

bobby: Agreed, and if you don't have cantaloupeyou could totally use honey dew melon, all good.

Erica: What I'm going to now is I'm going to take a little bit of sea salt, some coarsesea salt.

I'm going to put it right over the zucchini.

What this is going to do is it'sgoing to draw that liquid out, and also a little salt is good on everything.

Bobby: That's right.

The funny thing is when I was developing this recipe in the beginningI saw Erica post something on Instagram with the peeler and the zucchini noodles.

I calledher up immediately and I said, "We got to make this video.

" It was a match made in heaven,and I think they're going to like the final result.

Erica: I know they're going to like the final result.

It's awesome guys.

Bobby: Next up let's chop some fresh herbage and get it into the blender.

Why don't youchop a quarter cup of fresh basil, and I'm going to chop about a tablespoon of freshthyme.

Next up two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, the good stuff.

Erica: Some roasted garlic.

bobby: If you're going to use fresh garlicI would just do one clove, but you're probably not going to kiss anyone the rest of the day,so roasted sweet is the way to go.

Next up I have one tablespoon of tomato paste.

I don'tknow about you but I love the flavor of tomato paste.

Either I'm really weird or I'm ontothe next food trend.

Next up I have a quarter cup of orange and red peppers, just roughlychopped.

The machine will do the work for us.

Erica: Love the colors in this.

bobby: Yeah, right.

Erica: This is beautiful.

bobby: It's just like a garden.

Erica: It's like a beautiful tropical garden.

bobby: I'm going to take the zest off thelemon.

I use lemon zest all the time.

erica: It's so good.

Just make sure when you'rezesting lemon you don't hit the white part, because then it will be a little bit bitter.

Bobby: Right, exactly.

erica: Then we're going to do the juice ofa half of an orange.

I got the muscles that's why he did it.

Bobby: That's right today's my birthday.

Go for the juice of a whole lemon.

Erica: Next we're going to add some soy sauce.

This recipe actually could be gluten freeif you just wanted to substitute the soy for tamari, which is an aged soy sauce, no glutenin that.

bobby: Absolutely, next up two tablespoonsof green onions roughly chopped.

erica: Then we're going to add about a tablespoonof honey.

bobby: Squeeze that honey bear head.

Erica: I always feel bad when it's coming out the top of his head.

Bobby: I feel good for some reason.

erica: But it tastes so good.

Bobby: A few cracks of pep.

erica: Then a little bit of red pepper flakes.

Bobby: Yes, got to make it a little spicy in there.

The hardest part of this now isgoing "Ah.

" There's a chance it might need more salt or lemon.

You could totally adjustit, but wow.

erica: You don't need anything else.

It'sperfect, so fresh.

bobby: So fresh, and the flavor will developover time, so if you make this a little bit ahead of time or the day before just rememberthe flavors are going to get more pronounced.

erica: I want to go back in for more.

It'sso good.

bobby: I know, right.

Erica: Well let's add it to our zucchini pasta now.

Bobby: Yes, so why don't you toss it up with that.

Erica: Gladly, God how beautiful is this.

bobby: Beautiful.

Erica: God if you didn't know you would think this was actually pasta.

Bobby: I agree.

If you eat with your eyes first, you're like this is pasta, it's goingto taste more like pasta.

erica: It's going to taste more like pasta.

I don't know if I'm going to share.

bobby: Sharing is caring.

Erica: To some people, not when it comes to this.

Bobby: Oh my God, look at that.

erica: Should we top it with a little freshbasil? bobby: Yep, absolutely.

Erica: Oh my God, is it possible to fall in love with a dish, because I may have justdone that.

bobby: This might actually take you over thetop though.

A little bit of really good extra virgin olive oil.

Just like you would witha fresh pasta dish.

erica: Kid knows the way to my heart.

I meanI'm sold.

Where's my fork, cheers.

bobby: Cheers.

Erica: Oh my goodness.

bobby: Wow.

Erica: This looks so good, and it like rolls like around your fork just like pasta would.

Bobby: Totally, there's no difference.

erica: You would never know that that's araw sauce.

bobby: That would fool even the most legitof Italians.

erica: Unbelievable, what a way to enjoy thefood you love and still keep it healthy, still keep it light, and still keep it raw.

Bobby: I could not have said it any better myself.

Erica: Thank you.

bobby: Guys the recipe is below.

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I will seeyou in another week with a brand new tasty delicious recipe, later.

Erica: Bye.