Raw Vegan Sushi – easy simple recipe made without fish, by Cara Brotman

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crudivorista Sushi The next recipe that we will learn It is the sushi niguiri You found on page 180 of "Love on a Plate".

It is an amazing recipe.

They swear it's fish but it is not.

It is slippery as fish.

It's really good for you and you know a little fishy.

In short, it is wonderful and not used any animals to make this amazing sushi nigiri.

And does it contain rice.

We'll show you how to make rice while niguiri is marinating.

Let's start with a good piece of aloe vera garden.

And I have some juice of beets.

I'll take aloe vera and cut like a butterfly.

Means cut into thin pieces and I will cut I'll cut to both sides and peel the skin.

Very good.

Now we get the other side of the skin.

And now we will do our bit.

Let's see.

It feels slimy like fish.

As if it were real fish.

Okay, we take this and will wash in cold water for a few minutes.

It will undo gel and bitter taste.

Let's wash it in water for a few minutes and I hope right here.

Okay, aloe vera is washed and that is a fundamental step because aloe vera is very bitter.

It has a very bitter taste which we want to undo.

I'll put in beet juice.

That is what will give the color.

And while it is marinating will rice.

Markus Hello! Rice blocks parsnip and some binder.

This is parsnip, has a very mild flavor.

It's white.

All I do is cut into small pieces for my processing it can cut faster.

And then I put some butter cashew nuts so that the rice is kept together.

I will process it slowly until it is cut into small pieces similar to rice.

Using pulse function.

Until the size of rice.

And that is a good size.

Come? It has the consistency of rice.

We put it here.

I added about a tablespoon of butter cashew nuts for each cup of rice parsnip and I'm crushing and blending to integrate well butter and rice.

And I can see if I have enough butter verifying if the rice remains stuck itself and it does, so that I should not add more butter.

Thus the rice is done.

We leave this aside.

This is the sheath.

People call nori, roasted seaweed.

You can buy raw or roasted.

I'll take my scissors and cut following the lines on the leaves to make a small strip.

I'll take about a tablespoon of rice and I will mold in this way.

I put it on the bottom, about two or three centimeters from the base.

And I will take our fish.

They might want to dry a little.

And I'll put on top of rice parsnip.

And then just wind it gently but firmly in this way.

Make sure you have some water nearby.

Rub a generous amount of water in the tip and then you close.

And watch this wonderful piece of art.

It is not even fish, it will fool your friends.

It is hemoso and tastes so good.

Soak it in a little soy sauce.

And you are ready.

No fish were harmed to do this.

Only direct things from the garden were used.

You can find this wonderful recipe on page 180.

It's a great way to consume aloe vera.

Aloe vera is very good for you and this is a delicious way to incorporate it into your diet and he does not know at all bitter.

We took every bitter.

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