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Alright! This is John Kohler's of Okraw.

Comtoday with another exciting episode for you and this one is going to be like no otherso what we are going to do is we are going to create some cereal some raw food cerealactually today and one of my favorite cereal and actually I did not get to have a kid becausemy parents were very strict with us actually as children we were only allowed to have thingslike granola and not even as bad as Cheerios we were not able to get like Trix is for kidsand Count Chocula and all these other sweet sugary cereals because at least my parentsknew at that point that refined sugar was not good for us and it is something that Ibelieve in to this day I don’t believe anybody should be eating refined sugar that beingsaid there are ways you can taste and have amazing taste sensation with out eating refinedsugar by simply eating fruit.

So what I am going to be doing in today’s episode isI am going to make from scratch including the milk one of my favorite cereal that Ionly got to have when I went to a friend’s house it was known as Fruit Loops hmmm FruitLoops but when you look at a box of Fruit Loops right it is quite sad that Fruit Loopsand it artificial everything corn syrup this and sugar that and there is no fruit in FruitLoops so I am going to bring back the fruit in Fruit Loops and of course the first thingwe going to do in order to eat the Fruit Loops is to have some milk I don’t recommend cow’smilk in my opinion dairy is not necessary in fact if you are drinking cow’s milk itis basically is meant for mammary secretion of adult size female cows that is meant forits’ baby and it is this milk that is given to the calf to allow the calf to grow up froma 2000 pound mother right literally what milk is baby calf growth hormones to make thatlittle baby calf grow into a 2000 pound cow and I have lactose intolerance and I don’tagree well with milk and I don’t believe people should be drinking milk.

Yes if youwant to drink milk raw milk is probably better than pasteurized milk but even then I believewe don’t need milk it will induce a lactose maltose reaction basically acclimating ourimmune system when you drink it you want to drink milk drink human milk or better yetmy favorite milk in the whole wide world is coconut milk, So we are going to go aheadand first show you guys how to make coconut milk.

You are going to need a few things asmall knife we are going to cut through one of the eyes in every coconut there are threeholes if you look at them closely you will see two of them are the eyes the eyebrow havelittle ridges and one of them is the mouth and that is the one we will take this smallknife and pop it through the mouth here so very carefully carving out the mouth and openingthis up and cutting through the coconut meat that is on the inside and one of the thingsI want you guys to be aware of is the noise the coconut is going to make when you piercethe coconut meat and go all the way inside listen carefully you here that it make a psstthat is a good sign you always want to hear this when opening a coconut if you do nothear that it means that the coconut has been infiltrated by the evil enemy actually hasbeen infiltrated by air and is no longer a hermetic seal whatever that word is you don’twant to use it because bacteria could have got in there mold could have got in thereand other funky things could have got in there so it good that I heard that you know a niceair tight seal I mean we don’t need jars or cans of coffee to get that seal all weneed is coconuts natures food natural sealed alright we are going to go ahead and cut thishole a little larger and then we are going to pour that coconut water out alright nowI want you guys to know that what I am pouring out of the coconut is coconut water pouringout here is not coconut milk this is coconut water it is the water contained inside thecoconut I prefer the young coconut water but here we have a more mature coconut water maybenot as tasty but why we need to drain the water out because if we are going to makea milk it is coconut water combined with the coconut meat and now we are going to waitfor all this coconut water to drain out and now my coconut water is drained out of thecoconut so we will set that aside now we need to get this guy open you could just slam iton the ground and it will break in a million pieces what we are trying to do is to getout the coconut meat inside I prefer a more civilized method you could use a standardchef’s knife but I prefer a meat clever if I have that basically you are going totap around the equator of the nut base of the nut the north pole is the eyes and thesouth pole is the bottom basically you are going to tap and turn it take the thick endof a chef knife tap right on the equator and then spin it and there you go you guys cansee how easily it open in two easy halves we are going to take a look at the meat smellthe meat on the inside and it looks all good that means our coconut water is good to useand now I need to dig out the meat there is a coconut de-meating tool available at youngcoconuts.

Com I don’t happen to have that today so I am going to use just a knife pleasebe very careful when trying to dig out the meat with a knife it is not the right tooland you may cut yourself okay so I am going ahead and do that right now as you guys cansee I am getting chunks of meat out of the coconut right now the main thing is when youare checking you want to look at the backing if there is brown stuff on the back it isalright but if is like black it is no good and if between the pectar or the brown partand the white coconut meat sometime may get a little moldy want to inspect that carefullysometime a take a knife to shave off to inspect it more but in this case it looks alrightso I am going to go ahead and place the meat into our Nutribullet blender jar and we aregoing to blend the coconut water with the meat to basically make a mixture of the waterand the meat and it will make a nice thick fiber rich milk and then we will have to removethe fiber using the juicer or you could use a nut milk bag so let’s finish placing themeat in there now you could just use coconut water but I am adding the meat because themeat add the oil content and the meat contains fatty acid which is so delicious and it willgive us that nice texture of the real milk so alright look like we have to get the lastbit of this coconut out looks like we got all that out so simply we are going to blendthe coconut meat with the coconut water I like to do this in a Vitamix or a high poweredblender it will fractionate or grind up meat and give us delicious fatty acid into todaywe got the Nutribullet which is a toy in compared to the Vitamix alright looks like it is blendedup fairly well we got this mixture here so what we will do next is unscrew the extractorblades on the Nutribullet and we got our rich delicious coconut milk but there is a lotof fiber we are not going to taste so we are going to take my favorite juicer one of themany way the Kuvings whole juicer and turn this puppy on and pour the milk through thejuicer when we do that one thing will happen the delicious milk look at that nice and creamyjust like milk should be some bubbles will fall out of one side all the other side allthe fiber is going to be ejected out so it will not be in our delicious milk it lookslike the milk is about done we are going to go ahead and turn this baby off close thelittle stopper flap there and check out this milk I want to pour this out for you guysand show you all the consistency look at this no fiber no pulp nice delicious coconut milkman that stuff looks really good so we are going to go ahead and try a little bit totell you guys what it taste like Oh my God that must the best coconut milk I ever tastedI can taste the richness the fattiness it is a little tad sweet you know what but Iwant to take this coconut milk to the next level because as you guys know you have FruitLoop cereal is overly sweet the second ingredient probably like corn syrup or sugar so we aregoing to sweeten the milk up with simply a fruits we are going to use today this stuffcalled SugarVida low GI rich in B vitamins organic and unrefined and natural sweeteneron the planet derived basically from palmyra jaggery or palmyra palm fruit basically likea fruit powder we are just going to go ahead and put a little bit in now the cool stuffthing about this SugarVida fruit powder it that it actually contains B12 according tothe manufactory say 1 teaspoon of SugarVida is 12% of your daily B12 requirements youknow so it is rare to find plant base food that have B12 in it if these claims are truethat is amazing another reason why I am putting it into my milk today go ahead and screw onthe extractor blade to the nutribullet just going to quickly blend the SugarVida intothe coconut milk there it is I am going to go ahead and sample that guy wow even morecoconut creamy and richness and even a sweetness I think this milk is lonely for some FruitLoops so that is what we will be making next now that I got my milk all made now we aregoing to get ready for the Fruit Loops made out of 100% fruit no not this is not freshfruit no this is not even dried fruit this is freeze dried fruit it actually you takea look at some of those package cereal products they contain small amounts of freeze driedfruit to give you that extra added boost that crunch that you normally can’t get in rawfoods what I have done is gone out to my local Trader Joes.

Trader Joes have a lot of coolunique foods not a lot of them are healthy but here is one of them they have this freezedried fruit so we have a mixture of freeze dried fruit here on the table we got freezedried raspberry, freeze dried mangoes, freeze dried blueberries freeze dried cranberries,freeze dried bananas, and of course the freeze dried cherries and this is going to make upour Fruit Loop cereal so first let’s go ahead let’s grab this bag of freeze driedblueberries let’s rip this bag open going take our cereal bowl there and pour some ofour blueberries in the bowl look at that got some blueberries in there next we are goingto go with cranberries; cranberries can be a bit tart but I figure they could add tothe recipe because of their unique flavor we are not going to put a ton of these guysin there but just a few so there is some cranberries man look at that they look so nice and plumpand delicious next we are going to go for the raspberries the freeze dried basicallythey take the fruit and they freeze it and they suck out with a vacuum all of the moisturethat is how they get freeze dried fruit this is close as being fresh as possible in a dryform to be real fruit in a freeze dried form I prefer freeze dried fruit over a standardconventional dried fruit or sundried fruit we got some raspberries in there next we aregoing to go to strawberries up until this point I am really not putting a lot of theseguys in there putting a mixture and a sampling these guys in wow look at these strawberriesnice beautiful pieces we are going to shove that in be careful in shoving it in theresomething in the freeze dried fruit that say do not eat basically it is a silicon gel thatabsorbs all the moisture if you do get the freeze dried fruit you will want to eat themfast they probably won’t last long in your house because they don’t last long in mineif your are going to save them make sure they have a nice seal on because for the freezedried fruit if you leave it just in open air without the seal or sealed all the way theywill rehydrate and then they will not taste as nice and crispy and crunchy that texturewe are looking for as you guys can see here we have the mixture here the blueberries andthe raspberry the snuggle berries just kidding the cranberries in here and this is our cerealthe next two things we are going to use are the mangoes and bananas I am going to putmostly bananas and mangoes in the mixture this will give us the body and also some ofthe sweetness on the bananas are literally banana chips and they are actually quite largethat is not going to be too good for our cereal so I am going to chop up a good portion ofthe bananas to add to my cereal so that I can have a good solid cereal fruity base alrightwe have bananas cut in fourth there and it will make our main base see this is what itlook like that and I like the color on this is why I put in the majority of bananas onhere plus bananas have a nice more neutral mellow flavor and some of the berries alsothe banana you know the freeze dried bananas are actually cheaper than some of the otherfruits now you are not going to want to waste that little powder stuff that is coming offthis stuff is literally like banana fruit powder freeze dried so delicious one of thereasons why this is going to work is because of the texture let me go ahead and rip thisbag open the texture of the mangoes is what make this work so well I mean look at thesethey look like oversize french fries watch this listen man it is like me on crack alrightseriously this stuff is so good like when you are traveling this is the next best thingto fresh fruit although I always recommend bring fresh fruit because fresh is best manthis is so good one bag of this stuff is 190 calories and it took 10 ounces of fresh mangosto make just a mere 1.

47 ounces of freeze dried mangos so much like the bananas we aregoing to take out some of these mangos pieces and put in some of my cereal because theyare long I chop these guys up chop them up in equal distance pieces try to get largepieces then fracturing them into much smaller pieces I need a sharp ceramic knife to dothis otherwise it might make into a powder it is very important in raw food one of thethings I really like to do is keep a texture of the food instead of just having mush alot of time when you are eating foods especially if they are ripe you are eating like mushthat is cool I like eating fruits and all but I think the one thing the whole thingis what make the recipe work while we like those foods that we had a kid like the cerealsand what not because they are crunchy they are cooked right and in raw foods you don’tget that same texture you know that you can get in cooking stuff right except in the freezedried stuff even in regular dried right more of a chewy consistency and not this nice crunchytexture so yeah you got to get the freeze dried fruit I have tried all kind of freezedried fruit I have tried freeze dried rattans, freeze dried mangosteen, freeze dried jackfruit, freeze dried durians, I think they should freeze dry every different kind offruit and offer it.

One of the cool things I am looking forward to probably in aboutthe next year they are now coming out with freeze dried machines so instead being enslavedto Trader Joes and having to buy your own freeze dried fruits you will now be able tomake your own freeze dried fruit at home and hopefully look for this within a year andlook for this at wholesale discount.

Com I am hopefully going to get a sample unit hereand pretty soon and make videos about it and actually start to offer it to you guys andthat is going to be truly insane all the things I will be able to freeze dry and be creatingtextures be able to preserve my food effectively and be able to spread the knowledge of eatingmore fruits and vegetables have a way for you to enjoy.

I am just about done cuttingup all these mangoes So we probably have mostly bananas and mostly mangoes I put a lot ofblueberries I like blueberries a lot then probably put strawberries next most ingredientfollow by some raspberries add a little tartness in there then follow by just a few cranberriesnow here is the mangoes going into our cereal bowl now the next thing in our cereal bowlwe have to mix up mix the bananas with the mangoes the berries the strawberries man lookat that look so cool we could probably eat this stuff dry like trail mix but no no noit would not be cereal without the milk so we are going to go ahead and mix this guyup pretty well and add the milk and try it just about done mixing up my fruit loops therelook at that man that look so delicious I am going to go ahead and try it dry I meanas a kid I use to eat dry cereal out the box this is probably better than any cereal thatyou could eat hmmm nice and crunchy got a cranberry in there give you a shot of flavorbut cereal will not be cereal without milk now we are going to go ahead and add the milkI made a little bit earlier go ahead check it out cereal and the milk remember this is100% fruit baby look at that yeah yeah fruit and the milk this is going to be so deliciousnow we got to get all this stuff to sink just like the regular cereal you always wantedyour cereal to sink to the bottom this stuff is trying to float man get to the bottom getdown there I want you to absorb the delicious milk goodness check it out that is our fruitloops there all in the milk look at there that look delicious that is insane it is sosweet the milk taste like milk the milk is even sweet think about this it is only madewith eight fruits well we got six freeze dried fruits and we got two palm fruits the coconutpalm and the palmyra palm fruits and the SugarVida to make a delicious and natural and healthyFruit Loops cereal substitute this is one cereal I would definitely recommend to startyour day off with of course I don’t make this everyday this is the first time I madethis I was inspired to share this recipe with you guys because I know many of you guys stillto this day eat cereal whether vegan cereal or non vegan cereal whatever I always wantto encourage you guys to eat more fruits and by making this raw Fruit Loops cereal outof a 100% fruit you can do just that of course most of my breakfast’s are just 100% freshfruit these days I want to encourage you guys to eat fresh fruit whenever you can althoughif you got kids I almost guarantee they will absolutely love this I hope you guys enjoyedthis episode learning how to make 100% Fruit Loops out of raw fruits once again my nameis John Kohler with Okraw.

Com see you next time keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables.