Raw vegan caramel tart- EASY recipe ✅

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Hi yummy peopleToday we are making this delicious raw vegan caramel tartThis super creamy sweet tarts are so yummy and good for our body and mindThey are rich in vitamin E, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Proteins, Magnesium and Vitamin B2For this recipe we will need dates, walnuts, hazelnuts, maple syrup, raisins, cranberriesRice milk or any other milk that you have at home, and a pinch of saltLet's get started In a food processor add your hazelnuts, walnuts,raisins, cranberries and maple syrup Process them for about 3 min.

, what we areaiming to get is a super nice crust for our tartsOh my god, see this? so sticky and nice, let me try it.

MmmmUse a muffin molds to shape our tarts First we will cover only the bottom, and thanwe will press it nice and gently with our hands or glassNext we will cover the walls of the molds, creating like nests for our caramel sousepress nice, gently and evenly For the caramel souse add your dates, yourmilk and your salt into a food processor of blenderProcess or blend for about 4 min.

And the souse is readyFill your cups with this caramel souse all the way to the topFreeze them for about 3 hours and than take them out while they are still frozen witha help of knife It wil be easyYou can store them in your freezer for about 1 monthAnd take them out on a room temperature 15min before serving, ENJOY! Thanks for watching yummy people, if you likethis recipe give it a try and write in a comments bellow how does itturn out for you Also please give me thumbs up and subscribeto my channel for more healthy and yummy recipes like thisBye, bye, have a yummy day.