RAW Cashew Nut Cream — Cashew Cream Paleo Snack Recipe

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Sweet cashew cream, okay? It's a dessert.

You can put it on whatever you like.

How are we going to make it? Reallyeasy.

Start with some cashews.

It's a cup, cup anda half of cashews.

Like that.

Now other parts of the sweetener are goingto be the vanilla.

I've got the vanilla bean.

I've got the vanilla bean fromthe inside.

And I'm putting about 1/2 teaspoon of that in there.

That'sbeautiful stuff.


And then we're going to put some, it couldbe honey, it could be sugar, whatever you want to put in there.

It's asweetener.

We're going to use coconut flour nectar.

Okay? That's lower GIthan honey.

A big tablespoon of that.

Maybe two, just for good luck.

All right.

Now it needs a little bit of liquidat the bottom.

You could use water or, water.

We're going to use coconutwater.

It's sweeter, it's nicer.

So put that in there.

Where's the tapper? There it is.

Just addingthe coconut water in as we go to make it more and more liquidy.


All right.

How nice does that look?Obviously there's a few bits in there.

But if you want it smoother, like that.


I'll put it in the bowl.

This is kindof like a sweet butter.

Oh, look at that.

If you want it thinner or less thick, youjust obviously run it for longer and put some more water in.

There you go.

Cashew cream.

Cashew milk, by far, is one of the easiestmilks you can make at home.

It's obviously very cheap and very healthy.

Allyou need is cashews and water.

And if you want to sweeten it up with anythinglike honey or sunflower nectar or agave or whatever it is, you cansweeten it up.