Ramainya Gusto Gelato! Indonesian Food Tour in Bali

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Hey guys! Still in Bali There is one very famous gelato place in Bali I will try it today It is very crowded inside The traffic is crazy It is called GUSTO GELATO We have been lining up for 15-20 minutes I think there are no toppings They go crazy like it's free I am just done lining up We got ourself 3 cups of ice cream This one is tiramisu and caramel This one is a weird combination Looks nice though, like Barney Its green tea and blackcurrant This one is soursop and tamarillo The soursop flavour is strong Not too sweet The tamarillo is very refreshing! Sweet and sour So aromatic I like the tamarillo one better The soursop one is too icy for me But this one actually has more body to it I love the caramel crust on top And it has some almonds too Do not forget to like and subscribe ! I will see you guys next time! I think after all the food, i need to relax and walk around.

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