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(music playing) NARRATOR: Hello YouTubers, my name is Natasha Gisela and I’m fromthe beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Located in the Caribbean,Puerto Rico is surrounded by the beautiful blue watersof the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Discovered by Christopher Columbusin 1493, he named the island San Juan Bautista, which was later changedto Puerto Rico, meaning rich port, although the capitalhas been now called San Juan.

In addition,the island has also been called Borinquenand "la Isla del Encanto," meaning the island of enchantment.

Although Puerto Ricois a U.


commonwealth, not a state, the island's history still has deep tieswith American history.

Puerto Rico remainedan overseas province of Spain until the Spanish-American War.

Under the Treaty of Paris of 1898,Spain ceded Puerto Rico along with Cuba, the Philippines, and Guamto the United States.

It was in 1917,under President Wilson's leadership, Puerto Rico received U.



In 1952, the island officially becamea U.



Over the years,many famous Puerto Ricans have influenced American culture.

Many, including Jennifer Lopez, actress Rita Moreno, and Marc Anthony.

Sonia Sotomayormade Puerto Rico proud in 2009 when she became the firstLatina Supreme Court justice in U.


history – not bad for such a small island.

Along withthe many famous faces, Puerto Rico is known forthe natural wonders it has to offer.

The coastlineconsists of beautiful beaches; the skyline is filled with mountains;dense rainforests to explore, and amazing historic monumentsto be discovered.

Places not to be missed are Yunque, which is a national parkinside the rainforest, and locatednear my hometown of Moca, is the city of Aguadilla,which is known for having the best beaches in the world.

Also, when you're visiting,you must not miss the 400-year-old El Morro,which is located in San Juan.

When you visit Puerto Rico,you'll experience the amazing, rich culture and the wonderful arrayof food, music, and family customs.

For example, the popular dance style,salsa, originated from Puerto Rico.

Even the food has its own identitywhich has been heavily influenced by the many culturesthat have inhabited the island, including the French, the British,the Dutch, and of course, the Spaniards.

One thing you must not missis the national dish, "arroz con habichuelas,"which is simply rice and pigeon peas, that is guaranteed to be enjoyedon the majority of your meals.

After you finish your dinner,go grab a towel and head to the beach to watch the sunset.

You will hear the soundof the national animal of Puerto Rico, "el coquí,"a tiny one inch frog that sings throughout the night.

While hearingthe marvelous tunes of a little frog, you will also smellthe wonderful array of hibiscus, which is the island's national flower.

When visiting Puerto Rico,don't forget to catch a boxing match or a local baseball game,which is our top two sports on the island.

It is impossible to nameone thing that I love most about Puerto Rico: from the beaches, the sunsets, the food,the natural beauty and the salsa dancing, it's hard to choose just one.

So here are my top five reasonsto visit my beloved island: Number one: the beaches.

Make sure to check out the beaches in Aguadilla.

Number two: the food and the culture.

Number three: the people.

Hospitality is a way of life here.

Number four: the night life.

Number five: the natural beauty.

You're not dreamingwhen you come to Puerto Rico, so come on downto our beautiful waters, we'll be expecting you.

(music playing).

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