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HI this is Peter Stanley, and I've got a pod test of Puerto Rican Yellow which was grown and sent to me by Michael Christensen The bag was labeled as Puerto Rican Yellow hab I asked Michael if he had any information he said it he got the seed from Semillas la Palma.

So i looked on their website and they have it listed as Puerto Rican Yellow "Capsicum Chinense variety from Puerto Rico.

Fruity flavo,r medium heat and high yields.

There's not really a lot of background about it but on its really beautiful pepper.

I like the yellow and the kind of the golden tan variation there it's a really pretty pepper.

My friend Jesus Rosario is from Puerto Rico, and he said he had never heard of this before.

If there's any place that has something you never heard of it before, it's Semillas.

They have all kinds of peppers I've never never before.

They probably have one of the best varieties on the planet, not exaggerating.

They have a really great selection.

I don't mean to go on about Semillas.

This video is not about that, just a pod review but i just want to mention i really really like that vendor.

He's really good and just got some seeds from him the other day anyway so yes It's a Puerto Rican Yellow and let's go ahead and cut this open The Puerto Rican Yellow next looks like four grams lots of seeds in there looks pretty oily in there doesn't have a strong chinese smell really smells kind of fruity nice i like how you can see the tan golden color on the edge where I cut it alright let's see what it tastes like Got the Puerto Rican Yellow.

Such a pretty color it's a beautiful yellow with some almost a golden olive tan kind of color mixed in all right, here goes Puerto Rican Yellow just like right away there's a fruity tangy, really strong fruity flavor and pretty much what it was when I was chewing it got some burn right in the back of my throat starting out which is odd A little bit on my tongue but mainly the back of my throat and the back on my ears I'm doing like multiple pod tests back-to-back Don't know if it's throwing off my taste any but it tasted really good I don't know if it's throwing off the burn profile either but it really are just went straight for the back of my eustation tubes.

It's not a real intense heat.

It is kind of a medium maybe habanero level now the heat's kind of increasing on my tongue.

I really like that a lot, it's got a really good nice clean heat pretty tangy flavor a little bit sweet mostly just like an explosion of a fruitiness as soon as I started chewing it The burn's still on my tongue and around my lips face feels a little bit flushed yeah it's a good pod I really like it that's why would you think it'd be like I guess nobody really knows about it yet or not many people but seems like it'd be a really popular pepper as good as it tastes and the ornamental value just how it looks really pretty I don't know what the plant looks like or the growth pattern, how big it gets there's not really much online about if you search on it.

Couldn't find anything Semillas is the only place that has anything about it yeah I can't think of much else to add to it Really great flavor on that, good medium heat and that's about it I hope yo liked that.

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