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dude are %uh welcome back my I am and like Hyundai happy I heard and on he got in the carabiner networkadapters Beach it is so perfect I'm sitting and it isbeautiful umbrella my family's in the water somewhere and Igot going for me it the perfect vacation any up a little windy so I apologizebecause guys get a lot around I is happy to be as practically onlocation because I love you guys I wanted to share on vacation and I I'mhere and going to completely spaced that I'm going to the island Herter Rico andthat were I am prompt that rubber stop on ourvacation good news here got home been here beforethey're just Press page having a like nothing I've ever seen beforeanyway actually let me give you my view on this site because it's beautiful I cook okay that the first thing we're gonnatry in his bark and I think Copenhagen Ithink I may have tried it before but I don't know if it's like a ginger coconut because black come from a lot of thesecoconut Kenny's taste the same to me 320 3-light happy the floor you guide been along time herded in the back be how we feelin itprovides a little bit of black paper see the black paper I'm not even gonnabe a long black paper began appropriate comedy right back to mymistake programs huh ok thank my where 0 it's not like the most deliciouscoconut after I'm not biased at all 9 on crime guide it like damn opening and some other Hannah brownsugar classes more her number referee do this I have my hands on the camera when youconsider my sunglasses for admiral and about carry your coconutis perfect the breakers are perfect is just if you ever come your ego you happen tohave to try to stop it so friggin good now I'm you know how to getwas not found here I'm by anyway their tree visit wheneverI don't value my character and alien head that way it's so pretty and get so I'm gonna getthis guy by you had next item Canada same thing butI think this is pineapple fired white green not brownlike the other 11 so I'm not sure what flavor it is the network went great company right here and on my camera am hoping Idon't wanna play Holly amram and hoping that you can hearme and hoping my dad learn about not because he's right nextto me having cue Heineken again at one he's gotta have it here ofthe yom that company so much perfection back Ican't even describe it all right let's reelect like to come bytomorrow cogan record if not as good as the first onethat we tried still very good could really how to readand dry me wrong with a little bit more moistthis one and not wat Hao well coconut white but I i'm on itmaybe this was a different player Mike pineapple company APX thanks a lot helpit's not just the regular program which over fragmentary Marty time you get this guyfor me ban this is the best shit on her after amor have our after I'm holding itupside down look at it you guys I don't think theysell this in the US I've only seen it and perjury go andthis is the the market already brown Kabir I havetried people are full disclaimer it's amazing right therehow did you hear what you've got here on the basepaths I'm a giver ok Manama together to buy comedy get himon had gone bad you had like a little twistbe needed open like that and very college frumpy mad like a permit acookie and it seems that happen a boner yelling at him little hate on that pieceis the no good have an advantages now then get a cookie isperfect behave well merited home others did theNutella big so good guys have to find it mindedfind it on Amazon become the primary down what every afternoon it for that no I'mgonna get this guy five billion head I would give it 10 you got no that's not the yeah we haveare marine this is called okee cola champagne a local freak injury I get atape like coca-cola dad wouldn't face like coca-colasomebody picked up by 11 a.


what is it a flight legend because Icall a campaign I like coca-cola it tastes just like aplan I'm now open etc I would be ported my cat breedI think it can see it but I think it's like a champagne colored not even a colon Howard and I have adifferent now playing does not fly like a whole lotta readingabout not be morton I don't know what canary don't knowwhat's now that is let's give it a try and money this labor some bomb got your back at like I'm fine powder not that laboris if not coca-cola not doctor pepper and campaign I don't know it's a week dietary sorry I can't figure out what that laborin hear from I'm a shame here now we have a good thing Sam fungal wat gone bald guy that champagnewith bubbles there you go know that began descriptionif your primary getting you know what player this is for something close to itfor people now let me know in the comments below andI'm getting a little bit soda worried baby and head neck I don't like it Kalene I don't know ifCooper hi yeah were mango what the heck I didbecause they have no label on it old-school style just put a wrapper onit hack now Mike have no clue what that mom wanted ok might have a little had people in there you see themheadlight little I don't know what is in there yeah okay I don't know what happened ready andeager to does not like anything from again we can beam I don't know their names coming infinancial tell me what it is what is it it but that way llama pay mom I got to get the judges in he Magnum mumbled winning they're saying ismango and I have any way glad I had littlepeople in there but it okay if not my favorite you're in myvideo my mom hairy guy conjugated guy kidney and head right he and I think that by him bigbellingham go on a mi this when I think I'm prettysure its bomb again delayed no nothing completed gethere every day care package iraq that is a lot Obamapay older cookies not like open at home old accommodation in the back going now like me shortbread cookiemoderate and islamic shortbread cookie with coconutlabor her company play and then diploma I can smell obama lied it's nota coconut but let's give it a try it chill evil 0 home I O ok.

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