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chillin chillin to reaching to choke what a treat from Puerto Rico the last time i did puerto rico i wasactually on the island vacationing first thing I'm gonna tryare these delicious cookie I don't think for Don is it does not saythat on here it's just like cookies with sprinkles hopefully that tumbling and buttery likeboy I don't have a million little sparkle sparkles what no they have like a lot you speak take a deep breath okay ready go they have a lot of sprinkles on them hasa nice good assessment I think their cinnamon has a nice likesmell it's not visible maybe it is I don'tknow I can't tell what it is it's either cinnamon or vanilla I hope they're not like hard time goingto be like buttery like crumbly and just that's what would vote on these are okso I'm going to break it in half so we can see what it looks like oh I just said don't be all hard andstuff and I can't even break it now has this like yellowish kind of warren ginside they do have really nice smell to them let's give ita try so more they have a nice flavor to themthey're just like over bait they're really really hard and crunchy like it I mean I like the flavor i just thetexture is just it ruins it for me so I'm going to give this guy three Vivian heads next item are theselike straw things with this is your toasted corn gold filled my mom saidthat what guess what I discovered it dad i bought these in Puerto Rico made inthe Dominican Republic distributed in pari go down so this taste test is going to be herego / Dominican Republic we just changed it cuz i can do allwrapped up in like this paper cones open one this is really cool packaging makes mefeel like it's old-school you know a plan and all I am they kept up the tradition in thislittle paper I'm going to pour it onto my hand you guys can see with a little oh well okay that's enough it's like a flower like finely groundfor roasted corn but i'm just going to get like that okay just because i love to come thecount is part of the entire experience of this okay ready should I just for some in mymouth again this is one of those items that are you get candy are you supposed to mix it and some milkor something i'm not sure but i like corn and sugar that's really nice have just a reallynice sugar sweetness to it and then you taste thecorn you can actually taste the roasted corn I want it hold on it's all in the mouthas you get in a look just like hold it all in my fat again and then retreat I'mgonna go put it in your purse put it in your pocket every time you hungry forthe back out of your purse i like i like it so I'm going to getthese guys for Gideon head next item is this coconut you get kindof me with that be you know in the comments below what this is similar tohere in the United States let me out it looks like pure heaven they're not like soft they're like HAARPwoods I've had these before and they're not ashard as i can break it you what the hell i must have got a bad batch because thisshould not supposed to be this hard as opposed to be soft I think you're wrong remember thesebeing so hard he's like a piece of chalk coconutflavor Shoppe have a great coconut flavor and the texture is nice once youget chillin on it but right when you chew into it is kinda boring and I justdon't know if I gotta that back for these are different thanwhat i was thinking they were they get quite chilly want to get chewing on them what chu and chewing to reaching tochoke what I'm gonna give these guys to indianhead to Puerto Rican you know those were hard what the hell that is our last item guysand these look like little feel you tell everybody knows you tell it that is thedumbest question of ever as nutella sometimes i feel like these littletrains with a little bit of Nutella with a little spoon these look just like it but they havelike a white chocolate and chocolate spread right he left i guess like half milk chocolatehave white chocolate maybe and then it has the little space that'sthe part the best part is the experience you guys little spoon how you I love the spoons my mom wouldbuy him and they were nutella they were not the forum where the hell this istrying to knock off ok a little bit with me it's not like nutella so I'm going totry to scoop up a little bit of both flavors they don't taste like nutellanobody can touch that it's okay not the best quality of stuffit is a hazelnut spread with that what I got prizes in here how freaking q look like the differentcharacters how cute Oh fine so I'm gonna get thisguy to Gideon heads right my friend that is all for today why did I justbreak out into song there who knows I'm just so excited to bring you guys another taste test her ego lashDominican Republic okay i hope that you have enjoyed thisvideo if you have you know the routine hit the like button subscribe to thechannel and down below leave me a comment let me know whatcountry or what products you'd like for me to do next if you'renew to the channel and this is your first taste test well go I put out taste test every week subscribe to the channel so that youdon't miss out on one of them i will see you guys back next week bye.

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