Princess Cara’s Song, the most magical recipe video ever

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There were once two sisters, a sweet and evil.

One wanted to love and the other wanted to be queen.

No, stop! Enough! When the prince rode through here in a few hours you will not see my peasant sister! How I can get your attention? How do you know I can do? What I can do? Not to mention that I'm locked with nowhere to go.

When you want to show your prince you care but you're stuck in the shed.

Think of something you can share it unique.

Look around, there's magic everywhere.

Friends of nature will show you the way.

And soon he'll be here.

Board some buckwheat (buckwheat), flax and sesame seeds with water.

Stir it all together and wait a while.

Carefully spread evenly and leave it in the sun.

Then let it harden and you're ready.

Here I have a beautiful avocado and also a bit of maple syrup.

Cuts, crushes and mix carefully spread evenly and is ready.

A delicious Granada and these beautiful figs and strawberries.

Anything you have on hand will serve very well.

All the flavors of raw nature.

A bit of sun.

Remember that nature has it all and you're ready.

Now the prince is close and will soon be here.

Flying! They flew as fast as their little wings permitted to the prince who was surprised but willing to try.

All that was needed was a bite of this delicacy fruity for the prince answered.

Wow! Is this avocado? It's as sweet as honey! Whoever did this.

This is the girl I want to marry.

Who is she? Where is it? ¿Show me the way! He became the princess and change their food gave them eternal youth.

They survived all the kingdom through the magic of the truth of nature.

Now our life is full of love thanks to the gift of nature.

We never got sick, we are immune to the evil spells.

If you want our secret there is not much to say.

Hear our simple ways only follows nature for the rest of your days.

Your heart and soul light up with the magical power of nature.

Never cease to be this way.

They were so healthy and full of joy who really they lived happily ever after.

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