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I have serious problems with my parents and with my personal relationships I have all this anger inside of me but I'm afraid to show it Things are going badly in my life and I like to drink and take drugs to feel better The economy is not going very well I need advice to improve my business I had just arrived in this country and I was completely alone but then I met Prajnaji For me it was like the sun above the fog Son known as the daughter of the created by God knowing already from the first moments of my childhood I had been brought to this world for a specific purpose, to carry a message Prajnaji is pure consciousness of God When people pronounce the name PRAJNAJI It will make him to mind his own conscience because we were all created in the image and likeness of God The reason for which I am was created It has been to bring three main messages First: That God exists and it can be verified through the gravitational law or scientifically speaking Second: The immense love that God reserves love for everyone without distinction of race or religion Third: come back from the first steps of humanity and follow from the beginning to the teachings of God to reshape the thinking of each person Through the divine power in my life they have occurred many miracles I have observed with great surprise that people could heal One case in particular has been that of a lady who had cancer in the face He had cancer and is healed It was possible thanks to the power of prayer In the course of my life son I was sent to the most varied types of person In my life I have worked with three presidents as well as several politicians, scientists, families and companies always reminding them of the existence of God Food for the Soul – (FOOD FOR THE SOUL) It is an online platform that we use to bring the divine messages that I receive directly from God and the world of God for people My goal is to transmit the immense love that God has because it is time to return and understand where we came from Follow us on Facebook and Youtube, subscribe now For any direct contact Write us an email or call us at:.

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