Pork Ribs Heaven at Naughty Nuri’s . Indonesian Food Tour in Bali!

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After a long bike ride around 90 minutes i can see a lot of tourist here i will chill and explore the traditional market there are a lot of clothes and handcrafted merchandises also small statues jewelries and bags the funny thing is, if you use english here they will give you more expensive pricing so learn to speak Indonesian first and it will be a lot cheaper the tourists you saw probably bought things 5 times more we are on our way to NURI'S still in UBUD area the place is very nice here because the one in JAKARTA is not so special they say the one in here is much better we are here in NAUGHTY NURI'S they specialise in pork ribs the smell is amazing they grill the ribs right in front of the place they dip the ribs in the sauce and then grill them we gonna start with some pork loins the tenderloin part also grilled using the same sauce the meat is lean they cook it well done the sauce is not very soaked through we can really taste the meat part very tender and moist the sauce is a bit spicy and sweet and sour it is good because of its tender meat i see the black spots on top this is chorizo or spanish sausage the smell is very good i can taste oregano inside also garlic but the meat is very moist because the spices is more than enough to give it flavour the mustard gives the saltiness some balance finally the ribs have arrived honestly, it is smaller than expected i expected bigger size i will squeeze some lime juice the flavour is on the sweet side i also love the soft bones for all those food is around $25 not bad at all 1 to 10 i will give it around 7- 7.

5 but when you are in Bali, you need to come at least once.

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