Pork BBQ with Thai coriander(maandhania)

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Welcome to Assam foods youtube channel we are going to make pork recipe with thai coriander(maandhania) Ingridients: pork, Thai coriander,Bhut jalakia(ghost pepper),onion,ginger garlic paste,black pepper and lemon mix the pork meat with about half spoon of salt Here we are taking half kilogram pork and one table spoon of salt.

crushed black pepper of about half table spoon add half of a bhut jalakia(ghost pepper) now add chopped thai coriander about 7 to 8 leaves add some lemon juice ,about one table spoon mix all of them nicely cut two onions into 8 pieces add half table spoon of mustard oil make big pieces of onion we are using bamboo sticks for barbecuing you can use anything that is available to you you can use grill for barbeque keep them for about 30 minutes serve with mint leaves chutney along with salad.

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