Pig’s Brain!! Weird Thai local food with Farang! :Glow On Concept Food review 5

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Hello, this review led GLow On Concept food.

We have a special guest Emma Raft Hello Paul Today will be excited to wait.

What to bring It will take them to eat "pig brain" choruses.

Is over Abby Ong called on OK The accent is not bad! I'm excited to see how it is.

Today we'll go along.

And a four-try dish Spicy roasted Asgaew boiled fish Pig brains !! The store is also Pretty good, I like This would be fine if it did not rain would not sit outside.

Now it's wet The restaurant has a lovely little better.

The food was good I want to try There are far too buffalo.

Okay, this dish is the sauce of roasted pork.

Pork meat with blood Roasted with spices, herbs Then sprinkle garlic Maybe people here eat a pour fresh blood.

But we did not order it View Sample Then see if you like Let's see I like garlic It spicy? Ordered a spicy Yeah hee Explain a little flavor it.

I like very much Taste like blood sausage at me.

But the taste is lighter than It Spicy about it I would like a little more spicy taste.

Emma was on my Spanish.

From Barcelona, ​​the Taste good Fresh taste good I like very much This would put the liver in the air too.

I tasted it What this meat pork He has ordered a beef cattle with them.

The hearing is ordered I do not eat buffalo meat alike.

Try it I like this very much it is This Asgaew Made from pork with spices OK I tasted it Visit it here The most delicious I've ever eaten in Thailand yet.

Because of its texture than the other.

I like it It has a flavor of.


right here Yes, usually add lemon grass It spicy with good figures.

Not spicy I like very much The most delicious ever eaten it.

This is what is called in Thailand Remember me I do not remember anything with pork.

Asgaew SAI-AU Then this is it Sausage with breakfast.

The AMC.

This soup so much smoke Enough to eat much fish Good texture What else do we A fish Fish Onion This is what Ah, that's news (and not English).

Really like the ginger The key is to fish Nice big piece Let me know fish meat Great looks cheerful Of course, I'm also happy for Nick.

I live in the most delicious food in the world.

Here's why Thailand Okay, I'll try.

Try it with beef This fish looks Larkin palatable.

Oh, it's great It's very tasty It is Bae's very good yet.

Sour to mind Which I like very much I liked the taste of lemon in a large soup.

This is where the mind Oh Well orchestrated We eat with rice I like rice Better than a lot of bread This partnership sticky hands like that.

Yes, it really is the best way to eat here.

Saw the brain I saw the It is soft brain operates on.

Ka more Try it today Here's a look Pieces like (Crying sound) I'm sure it does not turn me.

I think it is really a whole brain.

really Try to see OK View This is a pig brains cheers.

Here it is.

Very soft Brian Banks same as.

I do not think it will be fine as this.

That would be like a pig foot but it very soft Like tofu wait Yes! like tofu A description that fits many Like tofu, eggs Okay, let's do this now.

This really seems to be taking it on the bread.

what He took the bread are you sure It's too intense flavor similar to.

ham Very mild taste like ham.

It is too salty, mild.

It tastes a little salty blood.

and Season to taste good Here machine Now try it with a little brain He steamed in banana leaves Yes good Oh spicy Wooyoung But alas It's really not.

I can not imagine what it would be like this.

It is similar to tofu that.

I think I better try this piece.

Get a brain than the other.

I try it I like to eat smarter, right? what He said it then wise up right.

I hope so Eat brains to grow I tried once already I do not like to do with Because the brain is not yet crystallized.

That's good, that's good I like tofu I will try again scary Nim's good, right? Childress did not force it.

Fat lot of good Referring to taste it It has a spicy bloody end.

Flavors in the air by Paul Enough so do not eat too much.

What I do not like it I like it Lift up your brain to do it.

Yikes I OK, this is not brain Ow (Why are we afraid They look fun) The ranking is good Okay, we ordered four.

Asgaew Lap brain It boiled fish See that Emma thought.

Okay taste it This soup is one of the most Sour much more to come.

The taste is really perfect It does not smell good at all.

Then the meat is very tasty This is very good I like the taste of this most But here I was very fond of the sauce, such as.

Disc space is very good Then the rice is very Asgaew best ever eaten.

But I do not like to eat sausage anyway.

It was not by much.

Abby was on Aung It pushes the subsequent weekend (Waited almost thirty minutes) I'm not I did not eat at the most emotional.

But I think it has potential, too.

If you want to taste more like where? I do not know There may be If you eat it, it would be wise to eat it.

OK Thank you very much for taking food I feel lucky and very tasty.

If you like this video Do not forget to follow us here.

And hopefully I will be invited to host again.

Try to eat something new again.

Thank you.

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