Phone Scam: Chinese Restaurant Bidding

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morning mojo your home time to make one phone scams now you know peak is always looking for a bargain, but maybe this time it was a little too far Peak scam listen to restaurants, at the same time trying to see if they will give them the best deal for lunch with people to achieve this is the mojo morning Postal'm coming down there a lot of people working as a wondering if you are going to make any kind of special treatment for the buffet as You may not collect a dollar offer something already 22 people dinner food in the forest of 789,799 to leave me alone to verify that You can do that you can hang on a second Chinese restaurant is golden key that was China Buffet talking down the street and was told there down to $ 7.

99 per who it is much better eh, yes it would have to be able to match that Because I mean I like I like their food but I do not know balls and hear what you think I should go to yours oo the China Buffet or how your night I like yours better, but I guess I have to go if he's going to give us the best deal that I'm not that bad the problem China Buffet China there are still good hey have a golden key in the phone here and they were saying that I should go there because I like them battered that's good to do that how you decide what you want well, that is not mine to come for a couple of nights ago and, as you know you know me you have you ever eaten China Buffet know if they are good is not good to do that if you want to sustain you think I'm going if you want I can hear almost everyone is speaking in once 17 2011 golden key to navigate 750 no, I told him to give the seven $ 67.

99 $ 87.

99 but she says you should give me 750 can not go down $ 7.

99 but Mrs.

Golden Key said you should give it to me for perhaps 750 ey poor the bush haha ​​ok ok I thought you said you also speak ill of me We know that what if I send eleven people at each place we split up and then You can send half of my people which is good to do that well aware of your business so then we know which is better after eating only 575 575 are known to us have a winner on 25 fixed one was that China Buffet 575 make ice cream golden key the amount of ice cream in Golden Key ok thanks to the book is what is social security numbers, so we'll see what we can do without being really good you're saying it should be fine, but you're talking bad about me or if you want you can come back at five and then Golden Key said 650 and pull free fortune cookies that's what I like China Buffet listen lover're my little one but Golden Key Haiti Will you come with me to see if their food is nothing good you said you had not been there We see here for eighteen years so we do want to complete another place everyone Chinese restaurant so they do not have their space, so we have to say that's the problem there was not very nice to speak for itself that you be 39 best in them and be angry with them now, as they have a better deal as in the basement they have no say business ideas I've only been to meander phone scam and gambling days we are only Jokin.