People Try Mexican Street Food

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(upbeat music) – Whoo! – Oh!- [Girl with Bun] Tostilocos.

– Looks like a party.

– This looks spicy.

– They look like some (bleep) up nachos, but in the best (bleep) up way possible.

– Is there fruit and what's this? – What is this? – Is that meat? – It's like a tamarind candy.

– Very flavorful.

– Oh! – This is dope, this is great.

– Oh, my God!- [Man] Whoo! It's like a flavoring punch in the face.

– This is a myriad of texture.

– Just when it didn't feel fuzzy.

(laughs) – I keep getting the mostpungent extreme parts.

– I think it's just the whole thing.

– It is?- [Man] Probably.

– Hmm! – That looks yummy.

– It does look pretty yummy.

– Oh, it looks so good, I love cheese.

– I love cheese, too.

(laughs) – I like the mayonnaise.

I like the mayonnaise and cheese but not the hot sauce.

– I like the hot sauce and the cheese but not the mayo.

(laughs) – I think the mayonnaise,a lot of people are afraid of the mayonnaise, I think it works.

– I definitely had thewhite people version of this at Six Flags where theyjust put butter on it.

– This is a win, five out of five.

– I normally don't like corn on the cob but having all these flavorsin it, it's totally worth it.

– Oh.

(laughs) – Mangos.

– Party in a cup.

– Oh, mango!- [Girl with Bun] Girl! – Mango!- [Girl with Bun] Girl! – Smells very good.

– Smells like a dessert.

– Mmm, oh! (bleep) (laughs) – It's like a slimy Warhead.

– [Girl] Mm-hm.

– Mm-hm.

– This looks like a beef jerky stick.

– (laughs) Oh, my God! It's so strong.

– [Man] It's very, very strong.

– I don't know what to do with myself.

– Ah, my mouth is on fire.

– You bite this guy, then you get a little bit of that.

– It's not so bad whenyou take it with mango and then that.

– It's not bad, though.

– You like it? – I do (laughs).

– Smells like horchata.

Is it horchata?- [Girl] Ooh, it's warm.

– Looks kinda chalky butit smells really good.

(cups clink) – That is thick.

– It's kinda like amelted ice cream texture.

– It kinda does.

I think that's why I like it.

– This is champurrado, right? – Champurrado.

– [Purple Haired Girl] Ooh! – It's like the beginnings of a chai latte but it didn't quite get there.

– I don't know, it almostlooks kinda chunky.

Like somebody was eating a cookie.

(laughs) – That's the masa.

Sometimes champurrado is alittle bit too sweet, not my type but this is pretty good.

– After eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, using the milk and then microwaving it.

– Yes, that's exactly what it's like.

– If it's colorful and vibrant and smells good, like, eat it.

– That's why we're friends.

– Right.

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