People Eat Ethiopian Food For The First Time

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– I didn't eat lunch forthis s***, I am jazzed.

(jazz music) – I'm super excited to try Ethiopian food.

– We know somebody who said this is their favorite genre of food.

– I feel like it'sgonna be a lot of beans.

– Surprise me Ethiopia.

– [Together] Oh! – This is like a crepe plate.

– Smells good.

(jazz music) – I love the texture of this.

– I feel like this couldbe, like, a napkin.

– You gotta unroll itlike a Fruit Roll-Up.

– This is, it's alsokind of like the material of a mouse map from the 90's.

– This tastes a lot like sourdough bread.

– It's sort of what Iimagine a whoopee cushion would taste like.

– The silence of the lambs.

– I don't know what he'sdoing, but it's really good.

– [Voiceover] That looks like sloppy joe.

– So we just grab it like this? I was wondering whythere were no utensils.

– You know, if somebodytold me this was chillie, I wouldn't question them.

– Oh f*** is that spicy.

– That was spicy.

– Oh wow, yeah.

– Sneaky spices, like I ateit and I was like I'm fine, I'm fine, oh that's warm.

– Those aren't beans, those are fire ants.

– Can't take it, I'll take it.

– You can take all of it.

– Midwestern throat is not doing so well.

(jazz music) – Some timatim fitfit.

– That's soggy.

– I mean, this just tastes like chopped up tomatoes and peppers.

– This just tastes likesalsa, it's so good.

– It's like a more hearty ceviche.

– I dig it.

– [Voicover] Yesiga Achiya? – That sounds like a girl from Brooklyn.

– (laughing) Don't putyour whole nose in it.

– What, oh, there's a bone in there! Yeah.

– It's a little bit more gamey.

– It wasn't as flavorful asI thought it was gonna be.

Kind of just tastes like the,I don't know, like the meat.

– It's like a meat with a thindemi glaze of some kind of apple sauce consistency sauce.

– He lost me on that one.

– Now what if when you'redone, you just roll this up like this– [Man] Like a little burrito.

You know you from California.

That's some Cali, let's makea burrito out of everything.

– I like that it's family style.

– Yeah.

– It seems like it's agood, sharable experience for more than one person.

– This would be a fun, "Heylet's go on a second date "and let's grab, let's get dirty with it.

" – I feel like if we all couldjust carry a roll of this around in our purses.

– I mean this is fun.

Look at that, like a Play-Doh churro.

– You so know what you're doing.

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