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Hi foodtube, I'm Tommi Miers and I'mpassionate about spice and mexican food and today I'm going to be cooking pea and mint quesadillas with the perfect homemade Mexicantortilla just the type of street food snack not you find in the markets all over Mexico.

So first of all, I'm going to make my tortillas I've got a bowl here with some plain strong flour and in it goes some lard, now lard really makes a difference to the flavour ofthese flour tortillas of course if you don't like lard you can always use butter or shortening so I'm just rubbing in the lard and you know lard is a real mainstay of mexican food so this is just like breadcrumbs as you can see and all I'm going todo is add a pinch of salt and once you've made tortillas for the first time yourealise how easy they are and you almost never go back to buying them again so there we are lovely breadcrumbs, I'm going to make a well in the middle lovely and pour in my water in it goes and then just with a fork I'm just gonna work inthat water into the dough, gather it up and once it's worked in I'm going to turn this out onto my board onto my work surface so I can give it a proper good go and you basically want to knead this until it's nice and smooth and supple So there we are, got a lovely ball of dough so that dough needs to rest now I'm gonnacover it with a damp tea towel and while that's rest I'm going to make the pea and mint filling So my filling is a deliciously summery pea, mint and feta mix so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna get some fat in my pan and sweat off my shallots so I've got a bit of butter, in it goes and a slick of olive oil So in goes those shallots, two shallots finely chopped, now you don't want the heat on too high because you want to sweat your shallots and just soften them down without colouring them So while those are sweating I'm gonna pick mymint so for me there's nothing that says summer more than pea and mint there we are and now I'm just gonna roughly chop it and that is just smelling of summer to me so I've got that mint chopped away I'm gonna grab a chilli so now this fillinghas got a little bit of chill in but it's not actual that hot.

I'm going to chop this chilli in half now of course if you don't want too much heat just take out the seeds so that chilli is gonna go into its my shallots, there it goes and now I'm gonna season those up with some salt and pepper nice pinch of salt, you need too much saltbecause you've got your feta going in which is naturally salty and some pepper, there we are and now that that's all sweated down I'm gonna throw in my peas, there we are that's enough, stir those around I'm going to throw my mint in so now my peas are in the pan I'm justgonna give them a rough mash Now if you don't want to ruin your non-stickpan make sure you got a coated thing or put it in a bowl and I'm literally just going to just squish them down a bit I'm gonna turn the heat off, I'm going to add in my feta so this feta is as close to a Mexican fresh cheese as you can get and it gives a lovely saltiness to the flavour of the peas and a lovelyfreshness, the mexicans love a fresh cheese so there we are, I'm just gonna stir it through so that slightly melts into the peas and that is my filling all I need to do to sharpen up those flavours is a squeeze of fresh lime and lime is one of my favorite, it's so good stir that in, now you just to taste to check the seasoning, fresh summery, citrus, the saltiness of the cheese, that's perfect now all I need to do is make my tortillas, now look at that dough it's so lovely and silky smooth that's going to make delicious tortillas so I'm gonna just take out a kind of walnut sized knob So just gonna roll this out so we're gonna roll theseout as thin as we possibly can so the thinner they are in, the more flavour that's going to come through from the filling look at that lovely papery thin and that's kind of what you want you want to almost be able to see through it, so my pan's been heating up it's nice and hot, I've got a special pan here but obviously you can just use a frying pan and I'm going to put my tortilla on, first I'm gonna brush this pan with a little bit of oil, there we are it's non-stick already just the mere scent of oil and on goes that tortilla lovely and this pan it's a bit like a comal, in mexico they call them comals and they're these lovely circular metal plates that go over these big open fires and they taste absolutely great so essentially I'm just gonna cook this tortilla until itreally bubbles up and then I can just flip it there we are, and look at that, just looks delicious and it tastes really really great literally all this is now is assembly I'm going to get some cheese on it there we are and just going to ladle on some of those peas, there we are and then all I need to do is just fold him over That's my quesadilla, you can't have a quesadilla without your favourite salsa, I've got some scotch bonnet salsa here I'm just gonna cut him open and this isa proper authentic Mexican quesadilla with that homemade tortilla just lovely, bit of salsa on top in it goes so that is it a summery pea and mint filling for the perfect tortilla great quesadillas ifyou like it click on the thumbs up share it withyour friends and don't forget to subscribe hi guys Jamie here if you want anamazing drink to go with this dish then simply click the link and head overto drinks tube we've got loads beautiful stuff for you.

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