Pav Bhaji Recipe – Mumbai Street Food – Indian Food Street (In Hindi With English Subtitles)

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today we are going to prepare Pav Bhaji, a Mumbai street food we will need these ingredients 250 grams green peas 50 grams cauliflower 50 grams cabbage 4 chopped tomatoes 2 peeled & chopped potatoes 50 grams, peeled & sliced carrot 500 ml water the above ingredients are for boiling the vegetables the following ingredients are for the tadka or tempering 5 tbsp homemade butter.

you can take any butter for that matter 1 onion, chopped into small pieces 2 capsicum, chopped small 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp pav bhaji masala.

we have taken Everest masala.

1 tbsp chopped garlic a pinch of red color (food grade).

this is an optional ingredient.

add a little water to it and mix it before adding to the pav bhaji this is to impart a nice reddish color to the pav bhaji add all the vegetables to the pressure cooker.

add 500 ml of water as well close the cooker.

keep heat on high and at the first whistle reduce heat to low & cook for 15 minutes the whistle has gone off we will reduce the heat to low & cook for 15 minutes 15 minutes are up we will put off the heat & allow the pressure to go down and then open the cooker we will open the cooker now & check if the veggies have softened or not stir the veggies.

they are soft now mash them thoroughly with a hand masher and now we will add them to a kadahi (wok) & cook them but first we will add some oil (about 2 tbsp) to the wok and let it get hot.

we will make the tadka or tempering first add the onions to the hot oil and saute for about a minute on high heat then add the chopped garlic.

reduce heat to medium-low stir a few times & add the capsicum.

saute this till the garlic & onions are roasted, for about 2 minutes till the garlic & onions are roasted a little brown the onions & garlic are done and the capsicum too is cooked a little.

we will add the mashed veggies keep the heat on medium now.

stir the mixture well & add the rest of the spices salt pav bhaji masala and home made butter.

you can add any butter you have we have added about 2 tbsp butter you can add more or less according to your preference we now need to cook the veggies but if you feel they need to be mashed a bit more like we feel then you can do it now we need to finely mash the veggies & not grind them fine hence we are using a hand masher not a blender add the red color if you wish to now, and as much as you need the bhaji to turn red.

mix well.

cook the bhaji (veggies) for 15 to 20 minutes till their water dries up & they get cooked well.

check salt level and add if needed now cook on medium heat and stir at regular intervals while our bhaji cooks we will roast the pav and get them ready keep a pan or tawa as we have done on medium heat on another burner add a tsp or more of butter on it.

spread it around & let it melt then place the pav (bread buns) inverted on the butter.

slice each bun in the center but leave the other end intact before you do this roast the buns till they turn a bit brown & crisp the buns are done, our bhaji is ready.

we will now get the pav bhaji ready to be served arrange the buns on a plate.

keep a couple of halved lemons and then put the bhaji.

add as much butter as you like on the bhaji and sprinkle a mixture of finely chopped onions & cilantro on it.

then squeeze some lemon juice over this here is our dish of the day – Pav Bhaji all ready to be savored do try it & give your feedback.

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