Panda Express Giant Family Meal Challenge *One Man Panda Feast* | FreakEating vs the World 84

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so basically it's like eating 3 ginormous Panda Express nothin says Christmas like eatingChinese food can i get the family feast sounds likethree entrees and two sides yes I can I get orange chicken ummm.

sweet fire chicken breasts and Beijingbeef and then the two large sides mom jagged charm and mixed veggies hopeful and I'll do it thinking another you hahahaha thank you family see serves 4 to 5 across thirtydollars on I'm assuming the 2500 is a minimumcalorie count how long does it take for PandaExpress to put our family feast let's find out I ha stereotypical coughing up a Japaneserestaurant Christmas I what's up YouTube welcome to a veryspecial episode freaking versus the world today I wasinto you the viewers and take on the Panda Express familyfeast they think I think the three maintransaction size and I think that's it almost appearedthe bonds of trust us like earlier play here its birthdaysChristmas and you know that this is Chris budget can you sleepy you know what both soul gonna startthings off both I think that's going to help you andthis is the chicken things a month words either down here there we go to the mail and I supposeI'm them so white but they didn't even offerthe chops I don't know what you feel offended realism no chopsticks don't know if you place your ad here the most guys use the moment I don'tknow I'm gonna be making a list of all the other Hans well because I orange chicken kinnard well you believe this is the app edge right we're all set up sold over thefactor vs stalin let's get down the business actually good really good lead you to a ver both look like spicy the only known but an improbableimages call about us and just yet haha Egyptian literature give middle-class work with it was better to just holdback is way too hot for all that business ok ok ok the case that he's a striker really at your own risk her stomach willswitch I'll I got companionship ok the workers who have movies over specialty right not caused by I was like maybe yeah build is used and the pineapple with high blood sugar gum neutralize bemess one president honored Dawson I he'd let me break it up thing by the wrong water professionalswater and vegetable who also called break secretary he role boilerplate at home from me well 11 without lol not a lot I really love watch now we're down to her spur don't want to go almost there ago at that point food now you know I love you all are plateau wrong up financial he has a hard benefits have lives were lost on theright now home in the final round file charges like struggled all over him K structurally a real I've given you across the ground out I'm home follow I wall no just gotta million illegals are that will help geta lot of girl and as as as were high I feeling war-weary people right now go usually there you have it these witness the Panda Express giantcan do family meal travellers use a North called ok Astros jerseys who's witnessed and express giant panda family meal challenge I somehow survived against allodds finished it lookin pretty dicey so happy that Colma homes are sold at a bar holdout bus pass that would've liked to but Iguess there's room for improvement next time and no I'm not doing so again predatory hamburgers at mcdonald's if you enjoy this video if you enjoyed the video please thumbsup the comet what are some other fast-foodrestaurant I've years for challenges that you haveas you can see I'm so outta there gonna talk right now I have a wholebuncha sauces for next time until you get stay in school don't dodrugs in the electric rivers and Skype preview as the morecrazy he chose to use she there.