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What's up?大家好 Welcome to.

Weeksh (?) 4欢迎来到.

第四周(大舌头) *Stop.


* 重来 Weeksh 4第四周 of the Spoonhunt Food Show for Foreigners.

I'm your host, Adam.

我是你们的主持人Adam and this week we're continuing on the Bingo Challenge这周我们要继续宾果游戏挑战 We figured this week, I would just tackle all of the rest of the meats off the board我这周准备干掉宾果板上的所有肉 And my friend, Piggy, here is going to help me in more ways than one.

我的小猪猪要帮我哟 So I'll, uh, "meat" you there.


挤眉弄眼 *Crying from how bad that joke was*额好烂的梗 I'm sorry Piggy对不起 We're standing in front of a very cool restaurant called我们站在一个很酷的餐厅前面 "Nánjīng dà páidàng" (I said it wrong) or Nanjing Impressions南京大牌档 And we're here to get "Shīzi tóu" or Lion's Head Meatballs我们要去吃狮子头 Lion's Head Meatballs are from Nanjing, and so why not go directly to the source?狮子头是淮扬菜 This will make them really authentic so let's go inside and get them.

我们进去瞧瞧 The restaurant is really cool because everything is modeled after ancient Nanjing.

这个餐厅好复古好有老南京的感觉 The lanterns, all the architecture, even where you sit is designed after old Chinese food stalls这些灯笼装饰甚至是座位都好有民国南京的感觉 The food is cooked in those food stalls directly in front of you这些美食就在你面前现做 so you can watch it being made.

你可以看得到 At night there's often an ancient Suzhou opera performance晚上还会有苏州评弹 and it's a really cool atmosphere to come to and eat, pretend like you're in old China.

环境好特别好赞,好像回到了民国年代 There is some pretty weird stuff on this menu.

菜单上有些怪怪的菜式 There's stewed duck's blood with vermicelli.

鸭血粉丝汤 Stewed Pig Lung.

猪肺 And pigeon soup.

鸽子汤 But of course they have the stewed meatballs or the Lion's Head Meatballs right here,哦还有狮子头 and that's what we got.

我们吃这个 My "Shīzi tóu" or Lion's Head Meatball has arrived, and it's HUMONGOUS.

我的狮子头来了 It takes up almost this entire bowl.

好大量很足 It's made with just pork and it's stewed in a broth when it's cooked.

听说是猪肉做的馅然后放在高汤里煮 Sometimes it can be brown because there will be soy sauce added to it有时候会是深色的因为放了酱油 But this one is very light colored, which means that it's just straight pork and no other ingredients were added.

这个比较清淡 But because it's stewed in a broth, it's very tender and soft and easy to cut.

可能是因为高汤炖的原因好松软和细腻 So, let's give it a shot.

来尝看看 It's really fluffy.

It's not too strong, it's very subtle because the broth is clear.

好松软好细腻,高汤把鲜味都带出来了 It's very easy to eat pork and an easy Bingo square.

入口即化,好简单的宾果项目 We are currently sitting at this restaurant in Shanghai我们现在在的这个餐厅 that's a very, very old style Shanghai restaurant.

非常的老上海风格 The wallpaper, the lanterns on the ceiling, all the decor, even the chairs and the table所有的装修墙纸灯笼桌子椅子 are super old Chinese/Shanghainese style都是老上海的感觉 And we're sitting here for lunch, and we decided to look on Spoonhunt我们在这吃午饭,上Spoonhunt看看 to see if we had it, and we do!有什么好推荐 And we figured, while we're here, we might as well try to get a Bingo square.

是不是应该吃一个宾果项目 The entire menu is in Chinese所有菜单都是中文 So we glanced down to the menu on Spoonhunt to see what Bingo squares they might have.

我去Spoonhunt上看看这家店是否有宾果项目 And the very first one is "Hóngshāo ròu"第一个就是红烧肉 which goes by a lot of different English names, here it's called "Braise Pork.

"有好几种英文叫法 This place is one of those "tick off and circle the menu items that you want"看看菜单想吃什么 and of course, it's all in Chinese.

都是中文的 So what I did is if you click on the menu item in Spoonhunt先在Spoonhunt上选要吃的 It'll show you a picture with the Chinese characters,菜品都是带中文的 so I'm match the Chinese characters from Spoonhunt on the menu to find然后对应在菜单勾选(其实也可以直接给服务员) the braised pork, pork belly, hóngshāo ròu that we're looking for, for the Bingo square.

我们今天吃红烧肉 This is the glorious Hóngshāo ròu, pork belly, braised pork, whatever you want to call it这个就是传说中的红烧肉 This is it.

It smells really sweet because in Shanghai the palette is sweeter things闻起来好香,因为是上海餐厅做的所以有点甜甜的 It's made by caramelizing sugar and putting a little bit of soy sauce in it先炒糖色 and then stewing the pork in there for about 30 or more minutes然后把五花肉放进去炖30分钟左右 depending on how long you want, to let all of the flavors soak in炖煮时间的长短取决于你想要吃劲道或软烂一些 and expel all of the fatty oils.

炖煮后油腻都挥发掉了 And it comes out really juicy and tender and really easy to eat.

吃起来只会觉得很饱满多汁,很弹牙 I'm pretty excited to try it out.

I've never had it, but it smells delicious.

我好期待好想试试看,我从未吃过。看起来很赞 I have an insane sweet tooth, so this is going to be really fun for me.

哇好好吃,甜甜的酱汁和肉香充满我的口腔 And what we're going to do is put it on top of the rice我要加一点酱汁在饭上一起吃 and not let any of this delicious sauce go to waste.

不要浪费这么完美的酱汁 Pour that all over the rice.

舀一勺 Here we go.

浇上去 It's really tender.

It's super easy to chew.

哇真的好吃!好棒 It may look fatty, but it's absolutely not.

I doesn't taste fatty at all.

看起来有点肥,但是吃起来一点都不会 This is my first time.

If you haven't had this, go out and get it right now.

这次我第一次吃红烧肉,如果你没吃过,赶紧吧 It's amazing.

真的很棒 It's a great new experience.

This is why the Bingo game was created.

非常好的体验,很棒的宾果项目 And I'm really glad that we got this.

好开心今天吃了红烧肉 I'm not totally sure where I am right now.

我有点不确定我现在在哪里 But I know that we're on our way to get Kung Pao Chicken但是我知道我们今天来吃宫保鸡丁 Which I actually thought was just an American Chinese food, but it turns out it's a real Chinese food.

我原本以为它只是一个美式中国菜,没想到真的有 And it's pretty delicious.

听说很好吃 We're standing in front of this tiny Sichuan restaurant that makes pretty amazing我们现在就在这个小小的川味馆子面前 Kung Pao Chicken or Gōng bǎo jī dīng and we're going to go inside and get the Bingo square.

来吃吃这个宫保鸡丁 At this small, sort of hole in the wall Chinese restaurant这个小餐厅 the way to order is you take this little booklet, which is basically their menu给我了一个小本子,就是他们的菜单 and you have to write down in Chinese your order on a piece of paper你得自己写下要吃什么 that they give you.

Each page is sorted by different dishes, so每页都是不同的菜 they have the cold dishes, pork, beef, and of course what we're looking for有冷菜,猪肉类,牛肉类 the Chicken page, which is this one.

还有鸡肉类 and you have to find what you're looking to order你选择自己想吃的 For us that's Kung Pao Chicken and write it down.

我们吃宫保鸡丁 So here it is, fresh off the pan.

Gōng bǎo jī dīng or Kung Pao Chicken.

这是就是宫保鸡丁 What we came here for: the Bingo square.

我们来这的原因 It's a pretty generous helping of chicken breast, chilis, peanuts and soy sauce, all mixed into one.

鸡胸肉切成丁大火快炒,加入辣椒花生酱油拌匀 And it's steaming, smells really good.

It's supposed to be a little bit spicy,大火快炒后还带着锅气闻起来好香,应该有点辣 but I think I can handle it.

And let's give it a try.

但是我应该没问题 Kung Pao Chicken in the United States and in other countries is usually a lot sweeter.

在美国宫保鸡丁通常吃起来好甜 But here, in China, it's salty and spicy.

The chili makes it spicy但是中国的吃起来是咸鲜口,带着点微微的辣 and then the soy sauce plus the peanuts make it really salty.

可以吃到酱油的咸味 The chicken is very tender and juicy.

It's coated very generously with the sauce鸡肉好嫩好多汁,被酱汁裹的很均匀 and what I recommend is you just put a lot of it on your rice,可以配饭一起吃应该很棒 Roll it around, get the rice and some of the flavor in there too.

舀一勺放在饭上拌匀 and then scoop it all together.

It's a great Bingo square.

Go out and get it.

一口吃到饭和鸡丁!赞!快去吃吧 I'm at this Hún dùn or Wonton place.

We're kind of in a local area of Shanghai.

我们在一个馄饨老店面前 And we're at this really old restaurant that has tons of Chinese people in it right now.

里面有好多老上海人 It's kind of a local favorite.

It closes at 5 o'clock.

是老上海人的最爱,下午5点就卖完关门了 But we're going to go in right now and get the Hún dùn Bingo square/the Wonton Bingo square我们现在要进去吃馄钝啦 And this is as local as we can get for this.

像一个道地的上海人一样 It's going pretty crazy in here, but I ordered some vegetable and pork wontons额好多人哦,我点了荠菜鲜肉馄饨 and I got this little ticket that I have to give to the kitchen to place my order, so let's do it.

他们给了我一张小票要递给前面的阿姨 "Do you want to eat here?"你在这吃吗 "Yes"对 I kind of waited there for a long time.

I didn't really know what to do with it.

我站在这边蛮久的不知道该肿么办 But eventually someone took it, so my order is in.

终于有人拿走了哈哈 These are my Hún dùn or Wontons.

As I was getting them, all the people were talking这就是我的馄钝,周围的人 about how there's a foreigner (me) in here.

都在说有老外在这里 They were made fresh, right in front of me.

I got pork and vegetable, but馄钝是现包现做的,我点了荠菜肉馄饨 you can get straight meat, you can get shrimp, there's tons of different kinds.

也纯肉,或者虾和不同的口味 And they make them.

They take the square dough, they stuff them and just pinch them.

阿姨们用面皮将肉包起来,三下五除二 And boil them in water.

They're really slippery, so it's really helpful to have this spoon to help eat them.

然后放进水里煮沸就好了。 They're kind of like dumplings but with just extra skin on them.

其实看起来有点像饺子 So, let's eat it.

我来试试 You can tell they put sesame oil on the inside to give it some extra flavor.

里面肯定放了芝麻油好香 These are some of the tastiest wontons I've ever had.

The local places really know how to do it right.

我从没吃过味道层次这么丰富的馄钝。老店果然好吃 So that's why I recommend you go.

You can add sauce, hot sauce, pepper too.


这就是我推荐你的原因,也可以加一些酱料比如辣椒,胡椒等 But seriously these things are great just by themselves.

And it's a very delicious Bingo square.

不过我觉得它们本身就很够味了,很好吃的宾果项目 And, uh, easy.

简单 We're standing in front of a Beijing Roast Duck place, if you can't see the sign above.

我们现在站在一个北京烤鸭店前面 I'm really excited! I've actually never had Beijing Roast Duck, even though I've been to Beijing before有点小激动我从没吃过烤鸭虽然我去过北京 I know, really bad of me.

But, I'm getting it now.

我知道我弱爆了 I'm doing it for the Bingo square.

Let's go inside, out of the rain下雨天还来吃也是拼的,快进去 and get the sweet, awesome Beijing Roast Duck.

去试试那个很赞的烤鸭 This is our humongous spread of Beijing roast duck/Běijīng kǎoyā.

传说中的烤鸭 We ordered it off of the Spoonhunt Deals (don't forget that we have those.

Go check them out).

我们从Spoonhunt上买了一个团购,超多菜 But it came, it's all this stuff.

And this is the Bingo square right here, this is Beijing Duck烤鸭来了 I've actually never had this before, so you guys are going to witness something really "awesome"我从来没吃过哦 Which is me for the first time trying to eat a food.

你们要见证我第一次吃了 I've been told the strategy, I'm going to try it out.

我被传授了一个小诀窍,让我来试试 First thing you do is take one of these little tortilla, bun, wrap things and put it on your plate.

首拿一片卷饼 So you take the duck and you dip it in this sweet bean sauce that they give you.

夹一片烤鸭占一些酱 Try to get a lot on there.

Put it in the middle of your "wrap"放在卷饼中间 And then you can take the cucumbers and the onions and put some in there再拿些黄瓜,京葱 just to add a little bit more texture and a little bit more flavor.

增加一些风味 And once you've got enough ingredient inside菜夹完了 you don't need chopsticks anymore.

不需要筷子了 Take your hands and you just rolllllll it up as best you can.

用手把它卷起来 I don't really know how to roll this but we'll just do this little thing.

我真的是不太会卷 And uhhhhhh呃呃呃 *Record scratch noise* So apparently I didn't do it well enough,显示我很弱 so my coworkers are actually going to show you how you do the Beijing duck wrap.

让我同事示范一下正确的方法 First you take the duck and you dip it in the delicious sauce首先夹一块鸭肉沾一些甜面酱 and spread it around the wrap like it's a paintbrush.

把它均匀的涂在卷饼上 Try to coat as much as you can so you can get the flavor everywhere.

尽量均匀一些 Maybe add a little bit more duck just in case.

再夹一块鸭肉口感更棒 Then you add the vegetables: the cucumbers and the onions.

加入黄瓜京葱 With your hands, fold it in half in the middle.

Squish everything in there.

先把两边折一下然后卷起来 Fold the sides in like a little burrito and then roll the rest of it.

像一个墨西哥卷一样 You use your hands and you just get the Bingo square.

完成了宾果项目 This is so delicious.

The skin of the duck is crispy,烤鸭真是太好吃了,皮好脆 the meat is really tender, you have to add the cucumber and the onions just for the crunch of the wrap.

鸭肉又很嫩,黄瓜京葱吃起来很香脆很清爽 But by far the best part is the sauce.

Get a lot of the sauce on there.

我最喜欢的还是这个酱 It's super flavorful.

It's a good mixture between a little bit of sweet and a little bit of salty.

味道非常好,甜甜咸咸的 And it just makes the whole wrap delicious.

And a very, very good Bingo square.