New York City Food Tour : Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pastrami at Katz’s Deli and The Halal Guys!

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– The thickness of that meatcannot be taken lightly.

That is just, it's almostbreathtakingly beautiful.

I didn't actually needteeth to bite through that.

I could've used pure gums.

(upbeat music) Good morning, everyone, it's Mark Wiens with migrationology.

Com in New York City.

We are out this morning,it's about 7:30 a.


and we are gonna start thismorning with a monumental place to eat.

We're walking over to the subway station, gonna head south to Lower Manhattan.

(upbeat music) (speaks foreign language) We ended up buying theMetro Card which is a card for the subway and thenyou put credit on it.

We are trying to figureout the station now, walking down to the train.

We got off the metro at2nd Ave and the restaurant should just be a short walk from here.

I'm getting excited.

The legendary, the historic,the home of the ultimate pastrami sandwich in New YorkCity, Katz's Delicatessen.

Though I have visited NewYork City a couple of times, this is gonna be my firsttime to ever eat here.


– Here you go.

– Thank you.

– Enjoy.

– [Mark] We gotta keep this,we gotta keep this, I think.

What's the differencebetween the Reuben pastrami and the pastrami sandwich.

– [Man] It's just thetexture of the sandwich.

We can make the Reuben with the pastrami, and it comes with Russiandressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.

– It's just after 8 a.


Right as they have opened this morning, this isthe perfect time to come because when you comehere later in the day, it's normally just absolutely packed out and you have to wait in line.

Right at the entrance,they give you tickets.

Then after that, I'm tryingto figure out the system, but then you walk to oneof the bar counters here and you place in your order.

They have the menus up atthe top and so I have just placed in my order.

– This is Eli.

– And this is Eli.

– His server.

– My server.

– Gonna make him very happy.

– [Mark] Oh yeah.

– Everything's gonna be fantastic.

– Thank you, man.

– No problem.

– Oh yeah.

– This is the corned beef.

– [Mark] Corned beef, okay.

– [Eli] For my friend, what's your name? – Mark.

– Mark.

This for you and your wife, Mark.

– Oh man, thank you.

Eli has just sliced me a freshpiece of the corned beef.

Oh yeah.

It's tender, you can taste the saltiness and the light spice.

So what time does it startto get really busy here? – About 10:30, 11 o'clock.

Eat all of this, don't embarrass me.

– [Mark] Okay.

– Give some to your wife.

(mumbles) table.

(speaks foreign language) – [Mark] This is the pastrami? – Yeah, man.

You guys know what you want? (laughing) – Thank you.

– You and your wife.

– [Mark] Awesome.

– [Eli] Wait until you taste that.

You're gonna jump for joy.

– It's time for my tasteof the pastrami now.

You can see that ratio,that outer crust edge, that pink interior with the fat.

– [Eli] Fat, good stuff.

– That just melts in your mouth.

Oh, Reuben.

That's insane.

– You two slugs, get up here.

Gonna be a great day.

– My joy and excitement right now is at an unparalleled level.

I got my tray of food andthe main thing that I wanted, that I have to eat here,that you have to eat here when you come to thisrestaurant is the pastrami.

You can either order justthe pastrami sandwich or you can order theReuben which is a sandwich that includes pastrami.

I went with the Reubenand it also includes some Russian sauce, plussauerkraut and I think there's some cheese on there as well.

And then I also, I could not resist trying the corned beef so I hadto a half of corned beef, all on rye plus a side ofpickles plus a side of coleslaw.

These are possibly the most beautifully exploding meat sandwiches.

This is the Reuben with pastrami.

The ratio of meat tobread is just an absolute sensational thing andthere's sauerkraut on here and then that sauce and yeah,and Eli really hooked it up with the samples alreadyso I've already tasted the pastrami and it isabsolutely ridiculous.

Look at this thing just steaming away.

The thickness of that meatcannot be taken lightly.

That is just, it's almostbreathtakingly beautiful.

I am a big fan of taking big bites, but this is the next level of big bites.

That'll just make you,that is an eye closer.

I didn't actually needteeth to bite through that.

I could've used pure gums.

It's so tender, it's perfectly salted.

You can taste that pepperycrust on the outside and then with the Russianmustard I think is a little bit sweet plus the cheeseand the sour crispness of that sauerkraut.

What I love is that the juices and the fat of the pastrami havesoaked into the bread.

I probably have somethingon my chin and lips.

But when you hold thebread on your fingers, it's still dry on theoutside, but that fat and that juice has madelike half of the bread gooey and just full of juices.

I might add some more mustard.

There's no way I'm gonna lift the lid on this sandwich, so I'mjust gonna put it on top.

Oh yes, just look at the amount of cheese that's hanging out of it as well.

The mustard is awesome, thatbrings it to another level of flavor, it's a littlebit sour and you can taste that turmericy flavor to it.

Halfway through my first half of sandwich, I think this would be anappropriate time to take a bite of the pickle.

There's two differenttypes of pickles here.

This one is more of agreen looking cucumber and this one looks likeit's been brined for longer and I think that is the tomatillo.

Maybe a green tomato pickle.

I love pickles too.

It's salty, it's not sweet at all.

This is just a kosher pickle.

This one definitely hasmore sour taste to it.

It's been pickled for longer.

I'm gonna go ahead and moveover to the corned beef.

This one is just the cornedbeef, it's a half a sandwich.

You just have to admire howmany layers of corned beef are in here, two, four, six, eight, at least 10 layers of meatare filled into this sandwich.

The corned beef is awesome too.

It's not as tender as the pastrami.

Because it's corned beef, ithas that saltier flavor to it.

Very good as well, but Ithink I gotta give it up for that pastrami, itjust needs some mustard, some more mustard.

The meat goes so welltogether with that mustard.

We also got a side of coleslaw.

Let me taste the coleslaw.

A little bit sweet and tangyand very creamy and milky, and then the cabbage has avery crisp texture to it.

I gotta try this as well.

As soon as you bite that, you have to.

It just explodes with juiceso you have to make sure you get all that juice.

Has a wonderful garlicy taste to it and then that's amazing.

It's tart, it's nice and sour, it's salty, it's garlicy and it's so juicy.

The tenderness of thatpastrami cannot be exaggerated.

You could use everytender adjective possible to describe that and you wouldnot be able to exaggerate how tender and how flavorfuland just how beautiful that pastrami meat was.

That was insanely delicious.

The corned beef was good butthe pastrami just blew it away.

That was definitely a lot ofmeat to eat in the morning but I'm really glad thatYing and I came here as soon as they openedearly in the morning because it was the perfect time to come.

No waiting in line and now we get to burn all of that beautiful meatfor the rest of the day walking around.

We're just gonna kinda walk around.

I think we're in the LowerEast Side area of Manhattan right now, we're gonna walkon over towards Chinatown.

Maybe take a look at Brooklyn Bridge and just kind of wander today.

(upbeat music) We made it successfully to Chinatown.

I love Chinatown, so much action happening and so many good restaurantsthat we have passed but we're gonna keepon walking all the way to the bridge, gonna go take a look at the Brooklyn Bridgeand then maybe come back to Chinatown for lunch.

(upbeat music) Ying saw the cherriesand she could not resist.

We just ordered a pound of cherries.

That should be (mumbles).

It's 59 cents per pound.

This is one dollar.

(speaks foreign language) Is it one dollar? – Thank you.

– Thank you.

Yes, nice to meet you.

(chattering) Thank you.

We made it to the East River, have the ManhattanBridge over to this side.

Brooklyn across the river and then the famous Brooklyn bridge.

We are walking through Chinatown again.

Chinatown is awesome in New York City.

It is really as closeto China as you can get without being in China.

It's amazing, you can getso many food ingredients, so much of everything youcould possibly imagine.

(speaks foreign language) Can we have that spicybig tray of chicken? – [Waitress] With noodles? – With noodles, yeah.

Since we were walking around Chinatown, I had to come to this restaurant,it's called Spicy Village.

Thank you very much to Montyfor this recommendation.

This is an awesome little place.

You walk in here, it'sjust a small restaurant with maybe a half a dozen tables in here.

They do have a full menu on a paper but then they have theirmain specialty dishes listed and pictured on the wall.

The main dish that I had to try here is the Big Tray Chicken, I wasjust looking up this restaurant and someone wrote about itfrom The New York Times.

He said he went into thekitchen and saw how they make it and they add a unique mixtureof different ingredients into the chicken includingoil and Budweiser and then fry the chicken and then drain it and then fry it again andthen it goes into a spicy chili filled broth with Szechuan peppers.

You can smell the cumin inhere and I got it with noodles.

All of the chicken is down here below and the big pile of noodles,I think there's even some potatoes in here.

Oh look at this, this is just pretty.

Let me take my bowl.

Maybe I should just tastesome of that broth first.

Let me taste some of the soup.

That is insane.

You can really taste theSzechuan pepper in there.

You can taste the cuminnice and strong as well.

It's salty, that is outstanding.

Mix in noodles with the(speaks foreign language), mix in noodles with the soup.

You can actually seealso, you can just see how much cumin is in there.

There's so much cumin and somany Szechuan peppers in here.

There's a fantastic cumin flavor to it.

It'll be easier to eatfrom my single bowl.

Some chicken.

Okay chicken time.

You can tell that thechicken has been fried because it has this skin around it like a fried skin around it.

But then the inside isso tender, it's juicy, it's like filled with that broth.

That is insanely good.

And then some of the noodles.

You can see all of theSzechuan peppers in there, the cumin seeds.

Wow, you can immediately tellthose are handmade noodles.

They are chewy but yetthey are fresh tasting and I love how they're a thickcut so they're a little bit thick but they're gooeybut just perfectly chewy.

And then again the noodlesare just wrapped up, soaked up with thatincredibly flavorful broth.

The Szechuan pepper, the chiliand especially that cumin, that cumin is what'sreally blowing me away.

Finished eating that big traychicken, that is sensational.

That was so incredibly good.

What really just took it to the next level was that amount of cumin aswell as that Szechuan pepper.

My mouth is still a little bit numb.

I love Szechuan peppers,it's one of my favorite ingredients in the entire world.

They used it marvelouslyin this combination.

That was truly a masterpieceof a dish within a tray.

So good, the cumin is justgoing up my nose right now.

It was so good.

We have decided to head back to the subway and we are gonna go back to Midtown, maybe do a little bit of shopping.

I wanna go to TraderJoe's and buy some walnuts and some other snacks.

Then maybe we'll go back to the hotel for a little while and then after that maybe walk around Times Square.

(upbeat music) This is Avenue, I wasthinking it's down that way.

We got off the subway at 23rd Street and here is Trader Joe's.

We're gonna go in here for a little while and do some shopping.

(speaks foreign language) We were only gonna go into Trader Joe's and buy a couple of things but ended up with a whole sack of things.

Ying and I were both excited.

We bought raspberries andalmonds and almond milk and bananas and walnuts.

Yeah, I'm a big fan of TraderJoe's when I am visiting the United States.

We went back to the hoteland stayed for about an hour and now we are walkingdown 7th Avenue on our way to Times Square.

(electronic music) This is Times Square.

We made it right into the centerof New York's Times Square.

This is a huge, just absolutelypacked with people square and I just read that it'sone of the world's busiest pedestrian walkways in the entire world with over 400,000 peopleon average per day who walk through Times Squarebut it's just an insanity of lights and billboards.

– I see your videos all the time.

– Thank you, what's your name? – Hello.

– Hello.

– Andrea.

– Nice to meet you.

Where are you from? – Venezuela.

– Venezuela.

– Hello! – And there's just an insanity of lights and flashing billboards and advertisements and everything going on.

Everything you couldpossibly want to ever buy there's advertising for itsomewhere within Times Square.

(electronic music) Not too far away fromTimes Square is a place I have been waiting to eat for a long time and we have just arrivedat the corner of 6th Avenue and 53rd Street.

Halal Guys.

They are one of the mostwell known street food trucks or street food establishmentsin all of New York.

Famous for serving Halalfood and since we happened to be in this area, Ithought this would make a perfect dinner.

I know exactly what I'm gonna order.

I'm gonna go for the chicken rice plate, extra white sauce and extra hot sauce.

I can actually smell, actuallythis entire plaza area which is just surroundedby gigantic buildings is filled with the aroma of the chicken.

The Halal Guys wereestablished back in 1990 and they were a pioneer in the street food in New York City as well as Halal food.

You can see how they arepreparing food for the masses right now, they're cooking chicken, just heaps of chicken and that aroma is enough to make yourmouth water immediately.

– Chicken and beef.

(mumbles) – Yes?- Chicken and rice, one plate.

(mumbles) But I don't wanna lean back too far because this is a fountainand there are some drips coming down and there's waterbelow where I'm sitting.

So don't lean back too far.

The unveiling of The HalalGuys' chicken over rice.

Oh yes, you can smellthat, it smells incredible.

What else came in here? This is the white sauce,the famous white sauce that includes soy beansand egg yolk and vinegar and water, salt, lots of good stuff.

And then extra hot sauce, all right.

That's actually, that's pretty heavy.

That's a good sized portion.

Oh yeah, here it is.

Chicken over rice, the riceis very orange in color on the bottom.

There's some iceberg lettuceand then pieces of bread.

Okay the security just came over and said we can't sit on a fountain.

So I gotta take my Halal Guys elsewhere.

(speaks foreign language) We'll try the flower planter this time instead of the fountain.

Let's do this one more time.

Correct procedure is totake the packets of sauce and just drench this entireplate with all of that sauce.

But I'm gonna go aheadand just taste a piece of the chicken beforedrenching it in sauce with some of that rice.

It's not overly spicy or spiceous.

It's kind of just like fried chicken like griddle fried chickenbut very tender chicken and over fluffy, orange rice.

I think a lot of theflavor is in that sauce.

Oh yeah.

And from what everybody says, you can not have enough white sauce.

They had hot sauce.

I'll go with just one packetof the white sauce for now and then the red sauce.

The hot sauce.

Then stir this all up with the chicken.

Oh that beautiful swirl.

All right, I think that is perfect.

I am not waiting any longer.

It is all about thecombinations of those sauces.

Because the chicken and the rice, tasting it on its own,it really is quite plain.

But when you add thatsauce, that just adds the world of difference.

That is the secret ofThe Halal Guys for sure.

It kind of tastes yogurty.

But then reading theingredients, it says soy bean and then also egg yolk andvinegar, and water and salt.

It has a little bit of asour yogurty taste to it.

It's creamy and thathot sauce is fantastic.

It is definitely a little bit spicy.

Some good heat to it andjust fantastic flavor.

Wow, that is likesurprisingly awesomely good once you mix both of the sauces in.

Yeah this hot sauce is incredibly good.

I wanna get some of the chickenwith only the hot sauce.

Let me see what's all in this hot sauce.

There is water, spices,vinegar, salt, lemon, yeah those are mostly the ingredients.

Oh yeah.

That hot sauce is amazing.

It does have a kick toit, it is nice and spicy and then it has a reallysharp lemony kind of acidic slightly bitter taste to it.

That is a wonderful hot sauce.

That was a lot of hot sauce in that bite.

That was amazing.

And then I think I will just add on.

This hot sauce is remarkablyspicy, it's fantastic.

I think I'm getting the hang of this.

You want every piece ofchicken and every morsel of rice, every grain ofrice to just be coated in hot sauce and white sauce.

Don't let anything not get sauce on it.

What I love so much about New York City is the diversity whichleads to just the full world of possibilities when it comes to food.

So for breakfast we hadthat insanely good pastrami, for lunch we had thatunbelievably good hot pot of chicken and noodlesand Szechuan pepper.

Then for dinner, that NewYork Middle Eastern inspired chicken over rice from The Halal Guys.

That was an awesome day of eating.

Thank you all very muchfor watching this video.

Please remember to give it athumbs up if you enjoyed it and also make sure yousubscribe for lots more food and travel videos.

Good night from New York City.

Thank you again for watching.

Oh hello Ying.

Welcome to Times Square.

– Times for shopping.

Say something.

– Is there a tear? Is there a tear in my eye?- Yeah.

– The hot sauce was that good.

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